VPI table connected to Meridian Pre amp- no sound

I own a Meridan G68j pre-amp.

I recently purchased a VPI table.

I can only acheive a very low sound volume when the pre-amp volume is turned all the way up.

I assume the output from the table is too low and I need a phono stage.

Can anyone confirm this for me or if I have it connected incorrectly can someone shed some light?

A phono stage, which depending on the cartridge and the phono, may need an MC input.
I did the same thing with my Cary Pre when I was new to high end. I was all excited about listening to my new VPI turntable I had just purchased here and when it arrived and I plugged it in NADA...not like the old solid state one box does all days. I ended up purchasing a EAR 834P phono stage and it has turned out well but Oh what a let down at first.