VPI TNT record clamp

Has anyone tried any of the various record clamps one came use with the TNT. VPI has the original clamp that came with the table and now they have a new one. Any difference in sound? How about the Black Diamond Racing clamp. I have run across others of late although I can't remberber who makes them.
I have replaced the one-piece delrin clamp on my Aries with the BDR clamp. I like the results a great deal. My impression is that I'm hearing fewer of the intrusive noises inherent in the stylus tracing the groove. There is less groove echo, cymbal splatter, and ringing with high energy horns and vocals. I feel like I'm hearing more of what is recorded. Every aspect of the presentation is affected.

I have heard a similar set up with the Shun Mook clamp which is made from ebony and is very dense and heavy. Its effect is very impressive, but I am unable to directly compare it to the BDR because the systems in which the turntables were operating sound very different. This clamp is also hideously expensive and very difficult to find.
I had the BDR clamp on my early model TNT, thought it was fine, then tried a Ringmat and was amazed at the (to me) improvement in clarity, focus, and dynamics, with no downside I could detect. I eventually upgraded to the graphite Boston Audio Mat I and have no desire to return to clamps of any kind. Obviously, YMMV.
Dopogue, I take that when you use the Boston mat you don't use a clamp. Can you use a clamp or is it designed to use without one.
I own the TNT 3.5 that was originally equipped with the VPI solid delrin clamp. A couple of years ago, I bought the heavier VPI stainless steel and delrin clamp. In my system, the new VPI clamp brought about noticeably tighter and more solid sounding bass. I have no personal experience with the BDR or Shun Mook clamp. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has compared these clamps with the stainless steel and delrin VPI clamp.
Loki1957, I think the Boston Audio Mat was designed to be used without a clamp, and that's the way I use it. However, it's hard to tell from the literature and I wouldn't be surprised if the Boston Audio folks recognized that some people will use a clamp, come hell or high water, and see no benefit in alienating them. As a former clamp fan, I can fully understand this. Dave