VTL TL7.5 series lll VS VAC Master Line Stage VS AR Ref 6 VS Nagra Classic Preamp

I'm putting up a new thread about some of the best tube preamps out there.
My future system will consist to begin with of a stereo amp or monoblocks, a preamp, a DAC and a separate streamer, later on will come phono stage + turntable.
This system will be driving a pair of Thiel CS 3.7s and a pair of CS 7.2s.
If i don't go the hybrids route with either Ypsilon or Aesthetix i will probably choose d'Agostino amps.
Therefore since i'm using Thiel speakers i would like to have some tubes somewhere in the chain.
With ss amp i would use a tube preamp.
Which of these preamps do you thing will give best results with very good ss amps like the D'agostinos ?
You can suggest other tube preamps if you have other ideas in the same league as these.



I’ve been using a VAC Master with a Pass Labs X250.8 amp into Magnepans and now YG Acoustics Carmel 2 speakers with great results.  The Master and its use of 6922 tubes allows you to tube roll and find the sound that you like.  I’m partial to Telefunkens.  In a few weeks, I’ll receive my Coda No 16 amp, and I’m sure 100 watts of class A power will be even more revealing and impactful without giving up the richness and smoothness of the Pass.  

Following that my YGs will undergo upgrading to the 3rd generation.  They surprised everyone at the Munich Audio show, and my dealer was also blindsided.  Good thing YG has upgrade pathways for their speakers.  Will this ever end?

I have been using a VTL 7.5 iii for almost 7 years, which I purchased used one year old. No hiccups at all.  I use 12AU7 7316 Amperex NOS tubes (try finding any) in this hybrid 2 piece unit. I have had preamps from C-J, Hovland, Wyetech Opal (5 stars) but the VTL far surpasses any of the foregoing. It is just pristine, no coloration, all the music comes straight through. Not too forward, not too reticent, not to syrupy, not too hyper-fast. Just right. It is not going anywhere.  Neal

@kmmd I'll be curious to hear about your impression adding the Coda versus the Pass amp. Because both the 250.8 and Coda 16 are on my shortlists for amp upgrades.

I have the VTL 6.5 III for the tubes and the high number of inputs including two tape monitors.  The stock tubes were SHOUTY.  I have not tried the Amperex, but NOS or lightly used and matched Mullards are quite nice.

Y'all be safe,