W4S SX-500 vs. new mAmp?

Has anyone heard, or know anything about, the new Wyred 4 Sound mAmp mono blocks? How do these compare to the SX-500 mono blocks? General opinions on the W4S amps? Thanks for any info.
New mAmps live up to the advertising hype. They are smooth, powerful and refined. Hard to believe these amps have so much power and control given their size. Best I've ever heard? No but still very very nice. Incredible sound for the price. No comparision to the first generation of class D products.
Smholl, I think you posted the same question in audioasylum, so I'll repeat my response here:

I auditioned my friend's SX-500s in my system. I loved them so much I got ready to order them. I was recommended the the mAMPs instead. The mAMPs are supposed to be based on the latest ICE modules and use a newly redesigned input stage, with noticeable improvements; thats why I went with them instead of the SX-500s. Given my relatively efficient speakers in a small room I did not need the power of SX-1000s. I have not had a chance to do a direct A/B comparison between the SX-500 and mAMPs, but I suspect the mAMPs may have the edge.

I've had the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 running direct into a pair of mAMPs in my system for over a month now and they sound fantastic. A significant upgrade over a Cullen modded PS Audio chain: DL3 --> Trio C-100 they replaced. Dynamics (macro and micro), details, bass performance, etc. have improved significantly.
Hi, was wondering if you'd had enough of a chance to directly compare the older SX500 and your new mamps and what the results were?
Just received mAMPS the other day. Haven't had the time to hook them up.
I will compare them to my SX1000s next week.
Wyred always has better parts, layouts and sound than the competition at each price point.
Still have my Trio C100 in my wife's systen driving her Silverline Minuet Supreme+s. Very good amp.
It's going to take at least 150 hours before he should comment on the sound. There was a recent review that indicated 300 hours for full break in. I concur based on my experience with these amps.
I think I will buy these amps. Are you guys still enjoying them? How is the bass. I like strong bass from my amps.
Absolutely love mine. Bass and driver control are at the top of the list tied with the smooth and natural refinement of the sound. Lots of weight and body across all frequency ranges. You will not be dissapointed.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the mAMPS compared to your SX1000's

Well I broke down and got myself a pair of mAmps. Right out of the box they were VERY clear. Overly so. Over time this gave way to a wonderfully smooth somewhat sweet sound that was very listenable. I am really pleased.w/ my choice here. After reading all the descriptions of the sound of the new Ncores I was all the more attracted to the mAmps. The sound is just what I was looking for. I'm sure the Ncores are great but I'm really liking these Wyred mAmps and don't regret my choice at all.
I have to buy another pair of monoblocks for a tri-amp application here very soon. Has anyone done an actual A/B comparison of the mAmp vs Ncore? mAmps are superb. Probably will not want to mix brands for the mid and high frequencies anyway but just curious about how the two amps stack up against each other.
For those who donot want 2boxes they now have a true dual monost500
And 1,000 Mk-2 out ,thet share only a power cord. Which is several hundred less. Good advise here is get rid of the cheap 3 fuses in new Stmk-2 one on back ,all slow blow ,20mm and one for each amplifier
Module inside.i am using Synergistic sr-20 very nice improvement to the garbage stock fuses look at resistance index stock fuse 7x more resistance then
A silver,fuse,X3 , also a very good high current power cord. I am using Wireworlds latest Silver Electra 7 ,it truly does help lower noise floor.
Many choices though. Read the current Mamp reviews and add at least
5 % across the board with the fuses. You need to give them a solid 200 hours to fully smooth out why? I have no idea, even reviewer said similar
Comments and did this with SE Wyreds new SE-Femto dac gave it 250 hours ,dac is noticably improved over their very good SE original.