Wadia 860SE or Wadia 27ix/270 Combo?

Hello everyone,

I own the Wadia 860x for a while now, I was thinking to go with the new upgrade which is the SE upgrade and also with the Great Northern Sound Statement upgrade (GNS) around 4K or I should sell my Wadia 860x and go with the Wadia 27ix/270 combo.

What did you guys think about this?

Please any opinions.

Thank You!
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Call Steve he is an honest guy and will tell you what the differences will be, as I remember the SE includes the new platter which makes a big improvement.

Happy Listening.
I have the 27ix/270se combo, and have had the GNSC upgrade done on this. I have no regrets about it, and it is truly a reference/cost-no-object piece of equipment. It is truly mind-boggling, and it is still breaking-in after over 500 hours. The detail and richness of classical music truly approaches that of live music.

However, you should really consider the fact that upgrading your current player is much more economical. In fact, I think you would be very happy if you did the GNSC upgrade, the SE upgrade, got a really great power cord, a suitable platform/stand to isolate the CD player, and consider the Shunyata Hydra as well. Unfortunately, Wadia needs alot of tweaking and refining to sound its best. Even the 27ix/270se needed these things to be up to its full, jaw-dropping potential. Bringing out the full potential of your current player seems to make more sense to me.
Depending on the size of your CD collection I would suggest you go for the 270/27 solution and you can alway modify THIS combo later. That's exactly what I did, being not interested in any new formats at all owning 4000 CDs and counting. I agree to Rtn1 re the tweaks which actually can shoot a Wadia to the stars. Try the PS-Audio PS300 PowerPlant with the new MultiWave upgrade for example. It's simply unbelievable what this can do for the 270/27 combo. I would not spend four digit numbers on mains cables, though. Go for the DIY Belden instead - I compared that to the Shunyata and others. The PS-Audio does make much more of a jump ahead. So in short terms: if you rely on the CD format go for the Wadia combo and you're "high end", in the word's sense.
Good luck!

I call Steve last week, we talk for a while and he gave me some excellent info on both unit, I think I'm going with the SE upgrade. Thanks to ALL for the great input!