Wadia Factory tour

Thought I'd share this with all of you. I saw this posted on Headfi.org so many of you might have already seen this but there might be several of you who haven't.
Some nice pictures & reasonable text. My interest in it is because I'm a new Wadia owner.


Well, I am a Wadia owner and -fan for many years - but I never saw something interesting like this. You should apply for public relations at Wadia! Here in Germany very few people are familiar with Wadia at all. I brought my latest 270/27ix from the States and I feel VERY exotic here in my home high end scene.
Thanks for this excellent thread.
Interesting in Poland Wadia is widely known at least for audiophiles but unfortunately cost 30% more then in states.
I'm on my 3rd Wadia rig since becoming an 'audiophile' a few years ago. I started with the 12 DAC, then an 8/15 combo and now I'm up to a modifies 850 CD Player. I'll tell you that I'll NEVER own anyone elses digital hardware in my main system. you CAN NOT beat the hardware they produce...at any price level.
One thing I did notice in the assembled PCB picture is a lack of ESD (electrostatic device) protection workstation.
This could cause latent defects in the ICs substrates.