Wadia gets acquired

Did you guys see this bit of news???

Wadia gets acquired

I wonder what it means for Wadia's hi-end CDPs & transports??
I would assume it means they continue to get made. Look what happened to Audio Research after Fine Sounds bought it. They're still there. Given that pro forma, AFTER the transaction, NewCo has $30mm in revenues (from Sonus Faber, ARC, and Wadia) suggests that none of them are knocking the cover off the ball. With this, Wadia gets an economically motivated non-US partner to try to expand sales of Wadia product elsewhere, and Wadia's previous owner has something (presumably) to show for his/her/their efforts til now.

Well, Wadia think about that!

(Sorry, but I've been waiting YEARS for a chance to work that in.)
If Wadia was not pricey enough, you will soon find its products about 20% more expensive. That is what is happening at ARC. Additionally, the parts will increase to sources in China. Assembly will continue in the USA. I doubt you will see any real improvement in the design of Wadia products as NewCo will 'milk' the brand. What it does give is for another new USA company to get into business. Its the American way.
Well the press release only mentions the 1-Series. I am waiting for my 971 and really hope this does not mean trouble.
Actually this is the American way, start a company and build it up so it can be sold. I don't think audio companies are different than any other business, the eventual goal is to cash in and retire.
In recent years I got the impression given the problematic product launches and repeated delays relating to upcoming products that Wadia is a company that is desperately in need of improved management/cash flow.

I hope this takeover means that Wadia will actually be able to hit release dates from here on out and reclaim some of the luster it has lost in recent years.
Sometimes a company needs a bigger company to put them backon track. Great designers/engineers aren't always the best business people. Not talking about design and part selection, but everything else - marketing, distribution, production, human resources management, etc. So long as the design and assembly aren't compromised, it may be a very good thing. It may keep them around for longer than they'd have been without it.
I thought Wadia had gone under before to resurrected. Please correct me if this is not the case. Bob