Walker Audio Silver jumper vs Nordost Norse jumper

Hello everyone,
My first post here. Did anyone compare these two jumpers?
Just recently I went from Nordost Flatline Gold MK III to Reference 3A speaker cable, completing the task of making all of my cables Reference 3A.
Reference 3A sounds more extended (better lows, more noticeable in highs) and it did firm up the sound across the spectrum. Better definition can be due to higher speed but also the synergy with the rest of the cables, especially with my speakers - Reference 3A Veena.
Your insight is much appreciated!
You should always try to use jumpers made from the same cable as your primary speaker cable or at least the same manufacturer. I would contact Reference 3A and see if they can make you jumpers. I bet they can.
After look at your opinion I unpack my AZ satori jumpers for my speakers and I used with my luxman class A plus the AZ hologram II speaker cables to the harbeth compact 7es3 and all I can say is wowwwww!!!!
You made me realized that the perfection is a subjective illusion but audio nirvana after you invest in hi end is about little tricks like this.
I can't thank you enough, they sound even better than the Jena labs latest edition I already purchased I guess is the synergy jumpers-cables.
Hi,I have the special made Tara labs omega 10" jumpers,they are on my speakers, they are not even on their web site,these jumpers are selling in japan and other asian countrys,their still made here in the great u.s.a.,yes they are quite exspensive,thats why they really do not offer them here,I happen to ask tara one day on the phone,what is the best jumper you can make?,when they told me,I asked them to make them and send them to me,I bought them!talking about wow factor!these are the best jumpers I have ever heard In my life!,and I have heard alot of them,I will never sell mine!,one of the most profound sound improvements I have heard in 25 years! happy listening to all!
Thank you all for your responses. I did some serious (and very, very subjective...) experimenting last few days.
Well, I did try Reference 3A jumpers, direct coupling (behind the plate) with the existing cable inside the speaker, Nordost Norse jumpers, and 99.997% silver wire, braided. No shielding.
Tried to connect on the traditional way, (+) on the LF driver and (-) to the HF driver...
Did not try WA Silver jumpers.
Best results are with braided silver wire, straight to the binding posts (no connector of any kind, just crimped by the post) with main wire connected to the LF driver.
Best of all, I had this wire as a leftover from the another project. Few years ago I rewired one of my Fender Strats with silver, with surprisingly good results.
Since this wire was free and WA SJ are $315 (I think) - I did not even try to get WA jumpers.
Maybe one day.
How does it sounds? The best HF extension, by far, and not etched at all. Mids are better quite a bit than Nordost, which was the best of all - except silver, of course.
Most of all, silver has that "air" added, in a very good way.
I could bet that even LF became tigher, more controlled.
As always, YMMV. I know I like silver, but not enough to get second mortgage to get all my cabling silver. For sensible audiomaniacs out there, if you have Reference 3A speakers, check out their cables. But, don't stop there.

Let me know if you'd like to sell your Jena Labs jumpers. They would be synergistic with my Jena Labs speaker cables.

Bato65, when you get interested in exploring the Walker Audio Silver Jumper cables, keep in mind that, if you purchase directly from Walker Audio, Lloyd offers a full refund within 30-days if they don't make an improvement you find worthwhile. This has always been his policy on direct sales.


From my experience with Lloyd's products, you will hear an improvement that you'll not want to part from.
The reason is very simple.
Silver can carry 6% more information than any other material (AES-Standard), followed from Cu. With gold you will loose 16% from the possible signal transfer. Ever checked your binding posts? :-)