Walker Diamond arm

Any Proscenium owners upgraded to the Diamond arm? If so, please offer some observations.

Siddh, I have not yet upgraded but I've heard the new arm in Lloyd's system and there is a new level of clarity and resolution that I had not expected would be possible. Bass is tighter and faster as well. I will make this upgrade in my system at some point. I assume you've seen the recent comments from David Robinson (Positive Feedback) and Jonathan Valin (TAS), both of whom have the new arm installed.
Hi Rushton, I have read the reviews and spoken to Lloyd somewhat briefly. The cost of upgrade, while most likely justified, remains a steep one for me at this time...but I find the temptation more than compelling. If the improvements approach reviewer's descripiton, it may be a must upgrade. I might have suspected Albert Porter as a candidate for early review.
I have one on order but they are in short supply. I'll be surprised if I get mine in the first quarter of 2007.
Just had mine installed. It is a MAJOR upgrade in almost every respect -- more detail, more speed, more resolution. This is a 'must have' upgrade.
I have not yet made the move myself, but have had several opportunities to hear it on Lloyd's system. Had I not heard it for myself, I would be hard pressed to believe one could improve upon the Proscenium Gold - but it is indeed a major leap forward.
My friend has the Walker, we talked about it on the phone but I am curious when he will get it....because I am sure it is not IF but When :)
Hi Mmalin, Thanks for your input. Might you expound on the changes your table is experiencing? What cartridge and phono stage? I find the Walker to be such a remarkable piece of audio; plus I realize Mr. Walker would only make change for the better; yet I must, at this time, consider costs/improvement ratio.
I have just had my older Walker upgraded to Black Diamond about a month ago and can only say that it is a HUGE improvement over the carbon fiber arm!!! Lloyd and Fred came down to install and tweak the new arm and I have been in hog heaven ever since. The resolution of fine detail is vastly improved [I would NEVER have thought this possible!!!] soundstaging is increased by an order of magnatude [Again NOT POSSIBLE!!] and just the overall sense of realism is advanced to an unimaginable level. Individual vocalists are clearly heard and their changes of inflection in the harmony are laid bare. I would urge any and all to take the plunge YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!!!!
Congratulations on getting the new arm installed, Perditty. And thanks for the sharing your reaction!