wall- mounting surrounds

Hi! What is the best way to wall- mount surround speakers? I have Acoustic Energy AEGIS 1, and neither do I want to screw it to the mount, nor to put it on the stands due to the room limitations. Any suggestions for the mounts people using will be appreciated. Regards.
Perhaps some further explication is in order. If you can't screw a mount into the speaker, or put it on a stand, seems you are limited to either suspending them from the ceiling (which wouldn't seem particularly stable vibration-wise), finding a clamp-based wall mount (which I've never seen), or inventing anti-gravity.
I cant remember what they are called, but there are these strange sticky doo-dads that onlty stick when you want them too and they can hold quite an amount of weight.

stick em on the wall, then stick the speaker to the doo-dad and it stays put. When you are ready to take them down you pull the tab and the adhesive releases. Presto, it lets go without and residue or holes.

i had a buddy use these with a set of Boston Accoustic Bravos without any problems.

i wish i could remember what they are called, check home-depot or Lowes, i think they might have them.

they are not terribly expencive either.
I think that wall mounting really limits what you can expect out of the rear channels, however if you insist...

1. Use some decorative rope to make a sling to hold the speaker. (This won't make any holes in the speakers).

2. Find a wall stud, and screw in a fairly large eye bolt. You may find that you need to use a second eye bolt in the adjacent stud (16 inches away). The holes made by the eye bolts can be easily patched up with spackle when you come to your senses and get good speakers for the rears).

3. Hang the speaker from the eye bolt(s). If you position the sling right the speaker's weight will press it against the wall. You may need to put some padding between the speaker and the wall to avoid rattles.

4. If you are not really stuck on wall mounting, hanging the speakers from the ceiling (use the same eye bolts) would be better IMHO.
Thank you all for your responses, but I think some clarification is in order: when I said I didn't want to use stands, I really meant the floor stands. What I'm looking for is the shelf- type wall mount, so I can just stand speaker ON it. Regards.