Wanted: Matrix Jumpers

Hi, I received the Graphene Extreme Jumpers today. Although Bob Gross said these will work well with the Matrix Cables I still would like to have Matrix Jumpers, if possible. I know I am kinda of weird about this. I cannot find out if there is any difference and I would prefer the same wire throughout. If you have a pair of Matrix jumpers you are not using, please let me know. Thanks! Ken


Hi, I was going to do an exchange with an 8 foot set of GEs for 5 or 6 foot pair of GEs or Matrix cables. I had put in a request for a quote for either. I then called a couple of times and got Bob on the phone. He said he would look at inventory and send me that the same night. I did not hear back and I called again and he then replied by email that he did not have time and he was sorry as he was going on a 2 week road trip delivering and setting up systems. I had already ordered the GE jumpers before then and they were on the way which I found out from Bob but had decided by that time to go with Matrix cables. 

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Hi all, I have thankfully found a pair of the Jumpers and interconnects.

Appreciate your comments and help!