Wanted...Recommendations on Mapleshade

Are these recordings really that sonically good? I'm into mainly jazz & blues. Which Mapleshade recordings are the best in those catagories. Thanks...Sagger
Any of their newer recordings are quite good. I personally like their vocal recordings like Mojo and the Cocuzzi disc.
I have too many Mapleshade recordings to list here, and they are all well-recorded. Some of them are just stunning, especially the vocals. I didn't hear a single recording before I bought it, yet I am not disappointed. I think they're an excellant buy. Good luck!
I have about ten of them. They are well recorded, some feel a bit bright. My favorite, and a jazz must have, is Clifford Jordan's "Live at Ethel's." Best live ambience I have heard, to date. There are a couple of compilation discs from them which would allow you to hear several of their artists. They will allow exchanges if you don't like a disc. This is a very respectable outfit. Charlie.
I have a large collection of Mapleshade. I had some local friends ask me the same question, after we had a listening session at a friends. I put together an excel spreadsheet that rated them. I like the Mapleshade CDs very much. I think Absolute Sound just did an interview with Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade. Anyway, I will e-mail you the spreadsheet, and if anyone else would like it, please e-mail me. I would be glad to send it to you.
I have about 20 recordings on this label (and its relative, WildChild). I have mixed feelings about this label: some of their recordings are technically excellent, but the music wears a bit thin after several listenings. Also, the recording technique used by Pierre Sprey produces a VERY close, dry perspective -- sometimes to the point that the microphone feels like it's within inches of the player or singer. I think most of their recordings make great demo pieces, but I find them tiring after repeated hearings.
I recently got four Mapleshade CD's--really six, since I sent two female vocalists back, just didn't like them much. I'm about to order four more because the sound quality is simply the best I've ever heard from a CD, and I have a number of Chesky CD's. Good sound wouldn't be reason enough unless you like the musical performances too, and I happen to be happy with them as well. They let you return ones you don't like, so there's less risk than usual. I'd go for it!
To this point in time, I have 12 Mapleshade CD's. The sound is very good. My own personal favorites are 'Afterglow', 'Just For You' and 'Live at Ethell's'.

These CD's are well worth the money, better than many big label names (quality-wise). You do have to be a little careful of your selections; the sound quality is the same but there are good choices and so-so ones, so just be selective of your musical likes before ordering!
I have almost all of the recordings. Because the sound quality is consistently the best in the business. All the performance, however are not. But there are plenty of great ones. Clifford jordans all 3 are great. Some of the jazz ones are: A minute with miles, making a whoopie, two of the percussion discs, Kendra shank's vocal (forgot the name, but go to mapleshade.com and you will find it), Ted Nash quartet, I tree could cry- There are many Blues Vocal too; Blue rider trio, Big Joe Maher. The drum concerto is great demo disc from drums alone. Thier wild child labes has daring music, some of them arereally good. For the price they are charging , these recordings are great value, and great customer service. YOU WOULD NOT FIND BETTER RECORDING QUALITY IMO.