Wanted to buy an amplifier multichannel?

Wanted to buy an amplifier multichannel for home theater and music. I have a choice to select between: Anthem p5, McIntosh mc205, or Parasound A51. I appreciate if one can highlight for me any distinctive feature to select one of the systems.

Distinctive features? hmmmm...well, the McIntosh is the only one with blue power meters.

Seriously though, all three are very powerful multi-channel amps capable of adequately driving any speakers you plan on hooking it up to. They would all do a fine job. I know the Parasound is Class A/AB; not sure about the others. I also know Parasound and Anthem have 5 year warranties; not sure about the Mac but I'll bet it does too if not longer. You really can't go wrong with any of them. If I was looking for an amp in this league, I know aesthetics and price would be big factors too in this league. Good luck.

It depends on your speakers, room size and listening preferences. Those are all good amps. I would also add the wyred4sound. Mini mc amps. Class D with a lot of clean power. Worked great for me with PSB synchrony one system.