Warranty Misconceptions

I want to start this thread because of many many ads out there which say "blank warranty card" or still under warranty until x date.

The problem with all these teaser ads is that in almost all cases, warranty cards are useless unless accompanied by the receipt from an Authorized Dealer for receiving warranty work.

In addition, I still see ads for stuff like Krell (I think it was Krell which dropped it) which has dropped their transferable warranty policy. Others posting ads saying the product is warrantied for several more years when in fact the warranty on the product began running the date the product was either shipped from the factory or first sold, and hence slicing the warranty in half.

Problem is, blank warranty cards are useless, transferable warranties are dwindling, and most warranties start from when the piece was originally sold or shipped.

Please be careful about those ads which try to instill confidence with a blank warranty card or a claim on remaining time on warranty.

A final note: There are still companies out there with great customer service who will extend warranties etc with no hassle, this thread is just to cover all aspects of used equipment and to shed light on a sometimes misleading ad.
I'm constantly seeing the same things you mention, especially on e:Bay. I'll see a Mark Levinson 331, 332, or 333 advertised with "remainder of factory warranty". And how many years out of production are these?
As far as the high end companies who've dropped their transferrable warranties, Shame On Them! I won't buy anything from a company that has done this to their customers. I do think it's just a matter of time before someone or a group takes one of these manufacturers to court.
There are enough hi-end companies who treat their customers very well, why buy from someone with planned & scheduled obsolescence?
I'm going home to have a beer!
Can't beat Bryston's 20 year transferable warranty. If you don't have the original receipt to show purchase date, they will use the manufacture date based on the serial number.

I am not sure about Conrad Johnson's policy, but I once brought them an amplifier I bought used, expecting to pay for the service. I came home one day and found the amp on my porch, shipped back in a new box, no charge!!
Just FYI, CJ like others changed its warranty policy. All products manufactured AFTER March 2001 does NOT have transferable warranty. According to CJ then, it was decided based upon "dealers" opinion. Yet, CJ's customer service is still first-rated.
Warranty cards are meaningless. They are only marketing tools. The only thing you need (and must have!) is a receipt from an authorized dealer. Years ago, warranty cards were used to avoid warranties when people didn't send them in, but that was changed through federal law a long time ago.
As for discontinuance of transferable warranties, are cars next? I think business is hurting and, because of great opportunities for second hand product, like audiogon, manufacturers are coming up with self-defeating ways in an attempt to curb the second hand trade, or, at least, limit the value of items bought used.
The shortsightedness is that a robust second hand market allows and encourages people to move up to more new product.
Most people couldn't afford, or would hesitate, to purchase something new and improved if they couldn't sell their old stuff. More product in more hands inevitably creates more opportunities for more product sales, since there is greater interest in this insane "hobby".
I'ld like to tell you about a dealer and his policy. Audio Den in Lake Grove, New York. I have bought several products from them, some have needed service-whether in warranty or not they have gone out of their way to repair my pieces , usually at no charge to me- even if they had some out of pocket expences themselves. The one piece that did need to go back to the manufacturer was handled by Audio Den -packed, shipped, checked out when it came back, at no additional charge other than what the manufacturer assessed for the repair.I continue to patronize Audio Den ( even though I am telling you this on AgoN), I always start there when looking for a new audio fix.
Just thought I'd share the Classe policy in this matter. I emailed with them on this within the last couple of months. They do allow transferring the warranty, but only with the involvement of a dealer.