Holo Spring DAC Warranty -- transferable?

I'm looking at a Holo Audio Spring DAC on the used market. I cannot tell from their website whether their 3 year warranty is transferable to subsequent owners.

Kitsune is so busy that they warn "it may take 7-10 days to get a reply by email" so I am hoping to find out from this group my answer.

So -- Holo Audio owners: Do you know if the warranty is transferable?

Thank you.


I was told (second-hand, you may want to confirm yourself directly) that the warranty can transfer to a 2nd owner, but not to the 3rd, 4th, etc.


Kitsune is so busy that they warn "it may take 7-10 days to get a reply by email"

If that's true, it's likely the warranty doesn't mean much.

Curious how would a company know how many "owned" the product, unless each owner registered it after buying?

Warranty is way overrated.  I'd much rather get 10% off with no warranty.  I'd take 5%.


Thanks. I disagree about warranties being overrated, especially for complicated things like a DAC. A friend got the Holo Spring and it had a hum. The company jumped on a replacement within two days. It was perfect service. Same thing happened with his Ragnorak. In both cases, being the first buyer lead to a quick resolution. If I’m going to drop nearly $3k, I want some assurances. Others probably have a higher risk tolerance than me, so to each his own.

Still hoping someone out there has some solid info on my question.

I just got an answer!

"Yes, warranties on all of our Holo Audio products are transferrable to the second owner only. There must be proof that it was originally purchased through us. We must be contacted with their information so that we can update our system.  Best, - Tim Connor — KitsuneHiFi and HoloAudioUSA