watt 5.1 speaker placement

Anyone have any advice for the initial setup of a pair of watt 5.1's? Specifically looking for separtation between and rear wall distances. Thanks
Hey Jason, Below is a formula by George Cardas you can use to place your speakers. I am sure this formula is for all speakers, but give it a try and see if there's a noticable difference. Goodluck. http://www.cardas.com/insights/roomsetup.html
Not one, not even two, but THREE chihuahuas! Anyway, "simon" is correct. Cardas site is helpfull. It takes only few minutes to calculate the lenghts, and result is GREAT! Only thing is, if you do not mean to move heavy speakers like wattPuppies, back and forth, they will pretty much sit way in your room.
When I had my 5.1s I found that wider room placement was much more rewarding than a narrow room placement. Set your listening position away from the back wall, but almost in an equilateral triangle with the 2 watt puppies. I found that 2-3 feet from the back wall made the puppies happiest, and about 5-6 feet from the side walls. Again, I feel the most important aspect is the triangle, you should be the same distence from each speaker as the speakers are away from you. I also prefered the speakers completely toed in, as in pointing directly at you, however this severely limits the sweet spot, but the imaging is downright scary. Have someone over while playing music, then have them sit in the sweet spot and watch thier face. It's like walking through a door into the performance. Hope that helps.