Wayne's Audio Canary LOMC Cartridge

Has anyone seen this cart that Wayne's Audio has advertised on usaudiomart? I can't decide if it's a deal or a just a cheaply made, you get what you paid for, lomc.


Wayne’s seem to sell some quality items, so doubt it’s cheaply made.

I was looking at that cart too…..very tempting to try out for the $

By the way, love that Senna and Mansell shot 👍🏼

Legend has it that Senna was committing to memory all of Nige's dash readouts and anything else he could see in his cockpit. lol  Probably true.
It is tempting to try one. I listened to his YouTube videos he posted of it in action and it sounded very good, but how much can one really hear on YouTube videos. I might pull the trigger on one but I'm still on the fence about it. I've had an AT ART9xa on my Scout with the JMW 9 arm for a while now and I'm getting that dreaded itch to try something different.

I bought the Canary MC phono cartridge and because I never heard about this brand I asked Wayne if he can demo the cart before buying.Wayne was a really nice gentleman and played for me the Canary cartridge on different turntables.I was really impressed about the sound:open,transparent,dynamic and refined.I my opinion the Canary cartridge is an all around excellent performer,well made cartridge with an attractive design,amazing sound and a steal at introductory Wayne price.Definitely no competition at his promotion price,I used to have in 20 years different big name cartridges and this one easier compete with cartridges much,much more expensive.

I bought one also, but I haven't mounted it yet. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend. It's appears to be very well made and I'm looking forward to hearing it. I'm curious as to who actually makes this cart. If it sounds as good as it looks, it's a steal at the price he's asking.
I enjoyed buying from Wayne as he was helpful and answered questions via email almost immediately. 

Anybody have any more thoughts about the Canary cartridge relative to any other MC cartridges?

I would love for someone like Jonathan Carr, Peter Lederman, or Steve Leung to explain how the cottage industry of cartridge manufacture can be done. I have to believe that the motor assembly is sourced from one manufacturer, the body from another or perhaps made custom by a machine shop, and simply combined and placed in a fancy box and voila. This is not like A.J. Van den Hul, also a cottage industry of sorts, building cartridges from scratch.

I am reminded of the Swiss watch industry in which 95% of the major labels use one of two stock mass-produced movements, customize them to varying degrees, and then design a fancy case and bezel around it. When Omega, after half a century of using ETA (third party stock movement) movements moved to in-house designed and built from the ground up movements, it shook the industry.

@fsonicsmith1 Have a look at the Audio Note IO and then look at some the Cart's built on the Cartridge Close Ups on Vinyl Engine, especially since June 2022 onwards.

I think you will see a Cart' can be produced if one has the skills and equipment, there is plenty info available to learn where to source some of the other critical items. 

PC Triple C Coil Wire is one Wire I hope to see used in a Cart' at some point.