WBT-210 NextGen RCA female gold vs silver ?

Hello, I have a McIntosh MR71 tubed fm tuner. I want to replace the stock female RCA connectors on it with WBT-210 NextGen female RCA's. Has anyone compared the Gold to the Silver? How is the bass response and bloom with the Silver WBT-210 NextGen? And how is the air and treble with the Gold? Which one has the most tonally balanced sound? Thanks in advance for your responses. Best regards, Stan
Had a pre-amp with both the gold and silver....and the silver was the better of the two.
Hi Whatjd, I'm curious how the bloom, bass and bass slam (dynamics) are with the silver? It's for a tubed (14 tubes in all) and reworked McIntosh MR71 fm tuner that has a slightly warm sound, so maybe the silver would work well. Thanks! Best regards, Stan
Talon, I can't say the difference is a big one. The things you mention were not where I heard a difference, what I heard was just a bit more subtle details...as in a female singing it was easier to hear her take breaths and on Paul Desmond, and other sax players, easier to hear the sound of air on the reed. No real difference on bass instruments that I noticed. On some of Diana Krall's earlier CDs they were simple trios and her piano was miked in a manner that with the silver you could hear more of the foot pedal mechanism when she would engage or disengage a mute or sustain.. Hope this helps.
Thanks Whatjd! I'm replacing the original RCA's and the MR71 was built sometime between 1963 and 1969. There's no telling what type of metallurgy was used in the RCA's back then. My gut instinct says that there's alot of nickel in the original RCA's. Stan