Weiss dac 2/minerva or RWA isabellina dac?

Hello there

Anyone compared these two?

I am mainly interested in smooth organic nondigital presentation with warmth. liquidity also?

"front row" listening, not laid back presentation would also be very nice.

Which one to take?
Hi Jarkko,

Here are some links to Isabellina customer feedback on the audiocircle forum - which might be helpful in describing some of its sonic attributes:




There are comparisons to other dacs in these posts, but I don't remember if the Weiss was compared.

The Isabellina dac webpage also links to a review from Positive Feedback Online.

We offer a 30-day in-home trial period, so maybe you can try both in your own system and see what sounds best for you (do a shoot-out and see what comes out on top in YOUR system).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Vinnie Rossi
Red Wine Audio
Never heard the Weiss. I did move from a Wadia 830 with factory upgrade second power supply to the RWA DAC built into their preamp. I did extensive listening of the Wadia (via IC) and internal DAC (so they both used the same RWA preamp).

What you describe in terms of sound is what RWA offered. Hearing off-the-grid audio is an ear-opening experience. Sold my Wadia and never looked back.

If in doubt, order both and try them in your own system (assuming Weiss has satisfaction guarantee). When I was looking to upgrade my Ayre amplifier that's what I did. Ordered a RWA amp and a First Watt. In my case I paid a 10% restocking fee to return the First Watt, but it was worth it to know what worked for my system and listening tastes.

Good luck with your decision. Kent
I had the Isabella (including the Dac), and now the Weiss Dac2 with Amarra.
I prefer the Weiss/Amarra. It is very resolving, yet warm and liquid - so natural, just feels right. RWA Isabella is very good too, but trades resolution for warmth. Not the Weiss: it does both. No need for a pre-amplifier either, so compared to Isabella with Dac even pricewise better (inclduing Amarra at 1K).
Heard the Weiss with the updated Amarra software at the RMAF. Really good sound.
The other impressive DAC was the Wyred with the Sabre chip.