Weiss medea plus and dsp 501 or lampizator golden gate?

Dear friends,

I am thinking of replacing my dac.
 I have :
trenner and friedl isis speakers 
dan dagostino momentum 250s amplifier 
shindo masseto preamplifier 
playback designs merlot dac
metronome dss streamer

Does anybody have any experience comparing weiss dacs with lampiztor dacs ?I like clean and detailed sound, but not too analytical.
My system is on the warm side, so I was thinking to balance it with the weiss dac rather than lampizator, but I get some great reviews about the lampizator golden gate dac.
If someone have some experience with Weiss dacs would you recommend the new 501 or the medea plus with the dsp 501?

thank you in advance for your recommendations.

What's Best Forum will probably provide you more feedback than Audiogon on your subject.  I can't speak to Weiss but I do have the Lampizator Pacific.  I would say compared to my Lumin X-1 the Lampi is a little bit more on the warmer side.  The X-1 a little brighter.  A few people on WBF like the Lampi GG better than the Pacific. 
I think it may be a question of "lit up from within" glowing sound or more fo a solid state sound.
I've owned the GG, and "lit up from within" is definitely true for it, but it is on the warmer side of things, and if your system leans that way already, it might not be the best match.  That said, the tube rolling aspect can let you "season to taste" some, and the standard 101D's might just strike the right balance.  Lampi's do have a lot of very musical magic in them, as a general proposition.  I owned the Big 7 before the GG, and have now moved on to the Pacific, and it still is very "luminous", but with more detail, precision, neutrality than the GG, IMO.  Haven't heard the Weiss, so I cannot offer any useful comparison.