Weiss Medus vs. EMM Labs DAC2X

Can anyone with direct experience with these two DACs help me choose between the two? I have no way to audition them side by side in any showroom or in my own system. I am also not greatly concerned about the price difference, if the Weiss is better I don't mind spending more.

Obviously these are both state of the art DACs and so they are obviously both good. So I am not looking for an answer like "The Weiss is better, go with that".

If someone with experience can explain with some insight and detail as the what makes them different and ultimately which one brings you closer to the music.
Is the Weiss also based on the Sabre32 chipset?

I dunno about you, but I always find it hard to stomach the high prices for DACs built using off the shelf chips.

I'd get the DAC2X mainly because I know EMM actually builds their DACs using discrete components which would cost a fair bit more.

I read that there is a new firmware coming from EMM. It might provide DSD2x compatibility (long awaited feature). So perhaps it's worth waiting a bit longer (end June is the promised date I think).

Also worth looking at is the new PS Audio DS DAC which shares a lot of principles of the EMM but goes further with an innovative input stage that samples any signal to DSD10x. It's also a lot cheaper.