Has anyone tried a linear power supply with a Weiss 204 or 205?

I recently purchased the 205 and am enjoying it.   Just curious if anyone has tried a linear power supply with it, and if so, what if any difference they heard...




I'm using an Sbooster with a 205. I prefer the sound with the Sbooster. I also added the add-on purifying gizmo. Could be a case of audio nervosa and/or confirmation bias though. The 205 itself seems to have been a huge upgrade over the Chord Qutest (which is now in a different system). I was using a Denafrips Iris DDC, so didn't need the features of the 204. Listening to a Mozart clarinet concerto right now. Beautiful. Note: I paid $1350 new (advertised price $1695, I think) for the 205, from Vintage King, after I got a call asking if there was anything I was interested in. I see that the advertised price is much higher now. Yikes!!!

Map.. are you using a streamer usb into IRIS AND TOSLINK into 205? Is the difference of 204 vs. 205 is that the 204 does what the iris does of converting usb to i2s ?

Yes, I got a nice improvement in sound quality with the linked power supply. BTW, most of these power supply types have an internal trim pot that let's you adjust the voltage anywhere within the specified range.

Ultra-low noise Linear power supply DC 5V/9V/12V/15V/18V/19V


The user Vangelis on this thread tried a Plixir power supply with the Weiss and seems to be raving about the improvement.

For more modest money, I would highly suggest trying the Farad Super 3 LPS. It was the best of the 5 (all under $1000) LPS I have had inhouse.


@surround4life Yes, usb into the Denafrips Iris. But coaxial into the Weiss 205, not toslink. One possible cause for my preference for the Weiss over the Qutest is its ability to output 7.5v vs. maximum of 3v from the Qutest. Into a Benchmark HPA4 via XLR (Qutest has only RCA out) and then to a Benchmark AHB2 set for lowest gain.

I just purchased a Keces P3 so I'll be able to try the 205 with an LPS soon enough.

Hopefully it gives the unit a little more bass/dynamics as that is one area where I think it could be a little better.   Its overall presentation (minus the dynamics) reminds me a lot of the Bricasti M3 I owned for a short while, lots of detail, but not analytical or overly forwarding/fatiguing.   

Map, yes the 204/205 prices jumped significantly over the summer.  In the $2K range I'm really happy with the 205.   I just sold a Meitner MA3 which has been my long term reference.   I don't think the 205 is better, but it is good enough that I think I can live with it for a while...   I'm feeding it with a Bricasti M5.  


Can you compare the Meitner MA 3 with the Bricasti 3 and Weiss.  I purchased the Meitner MA 3 after considering the Bricasti and Weiss.  I really like the Meitner because I listen to a lot of classical music and prefer a mid-Hall perspective.  I don't like bright sound and don't need details front and center - though I want them to be there.  My only criticism would be that the Meitner might not be as dynamic as some other setups I've heard.  Never heard the Bricasti or Weiss.  By reputation, I think they have a similar sonic signature.

Why did you switch?  And what do you think now?

I really like the Meitner because I listen to a lot of classical music and prefer a mid-Hall perspective.  I don't like bright sound and don't need details front and center - though I want them to be there.

@paullb, that is a good way to describe the MA3.   I loved how smooth and easy to listen to it was while offering very good resolution.   Yes, it likely wasn't the most dynamic DAC I've owned.

The M3 I only kept for a short while and compared it more directly with an older SimAudio 380DSD, along with the RME ADI 2FS and Topping D90.   I thought the M3 had very good dynamics (compared to SimAudio and RME) and likely equal to the D90 in resolution.   It was not fatiguing like the D90 but was also leaner than the 380DSD.  I replaced it with a more expensive MojoAudio R2R DAC that equaled its dynamics, gave up some resolution, but was more mid-hall, rounded, natural, organic, etc.. sounding.

The MA3 took the MojoAudio and M3 strengths and blended them together.   I don't remember for sure, but I'm thinking the MA3 likely isn't as dynamic as the M3 or at least isn't more so.   Resolution I would estimate is about the same.

The Weiss with the LPS likely has about the same dynamics as the MA3, but I actually think is cleaner and has more resolution.   It is not fatiguing or forward like how I found the D90, it almost has a 'sweet' presentation.   It is on the leaner side though more like the M3 or RME.    My preference would be for the MA3 out of all of the DACs I've owned, but when you consider I have no need for the integrated volume control and streamer, the cost of the MA3 vs the ~$2K Weiss was just too great for me.   If you don't mind a slightly leaner presentation the Weiss is very easy to listen to while giving you an amazing look into the recording.   I actually find myself hearing more details in some of my favorite recording with the Weiss.  There are other recordings where I slightly miss the extra fullness/mass of the MA3, but overall I'm very happy with the tiny Weiss.

Hope this helps...


Just wanted to mention that Dan Wright from ModWright is designing a LPS for the 204. He is making just a few betas first and I am on the list. If others are interested, they may want to reach out as there might be a few left in the initial queue. First heard about it here in the forums.

@surround4life, yes 204/Plixir my current DAC, yes I feel the Plixir is an improvement in all ways, some subtle, but worthwhile

@cbrez how did you contact Daniel Wright? I will be getting the dac 204 in a week and curious about this power supply upgrade.                                                 @jw944ts is the plixir like way better than the stock SMPS? Where do you get the pkixir in the states and which one, 5v-9v?

For everyone else, is this really a big upgrade over the stock power brick? My first time with this much of a high end dac.Will any of these other LPS units be just as good or do they all sound good. Thanks

yes, Plixir was a nice improvement, not huge, but across the board....bought from Gramophone in Edmonton, Cananda...the resulting combination sounds amazing...caveat, I am not one to go around A/B testing, so I have not truly compared to others....just with and without the Plixir, and I would say it is a worthwhile additon

@jw944ts Thanks, which one did you get? which voltage one?                                                                         

@duketbrd88 I just used the email address on the ModWright website - modwright@yahoo.com. They got back relatively quickly.

Just an FYI that I still have not received mine, but they have communicated about it and given that when I reached out this was still “beta”, I wasn’t in a rush. I did see Dan at Axpona this weekend and he said they are very close to having them ready. I’m definitely excited for when it, given Dan’s great reputation.

@cbrez Thanks, I did see that on one of the Facebook groups I belong to and Dan posted about it.

@cbrez I did finally get a hold of Daniel and will be getting one in a couple weeks. Thanks

@duketbrd88 Thanks for that update and hope you enjoy! Hopefully mine is one the way soon as well.