Well Rounded Speakers $2500-$3000?

I live in Memphis TN and really don't have a lot of availability in terms of "high-end" stores to audition speakers.

I've been looking for a pair of speakers in the used $2500-$3000 range such as the Eggleston Fontaine II's, Von Schweikert VR4Jr's, Vienna Acoustic's Beethovens, etc...

I listen primarily to classical and jazz but they also have to be able to pound out some Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. My front end is currently an Audible Illusions M3 pre, Odyssey Khartago mono blocks, pro-ject turn-table, and lexicon sacd player.

Which of the speakers I listed would you choose? Other speaker suggestions or places to audition these speakers in my area are welcome! Thanks for the help guys!
In addition to the numerous great suggestions above, I would add:

Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand
Silverline Audio Allegro

Happy Hunting!
I'll second the suggestion for Salk SongTowers. I've got a pair with the optional ribbon tweeters (right in the middle of your price range) and they are incredible sounding with all sorts of music. I listen primarily to classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, and even some metal at times. The SongTowers sound great with these genres, as well as with more mellow acoustic folk and jazz. With 88dB efficiency and a smooth 4-ohm load, these speakers are easy to drive with tube or solid state amplification. Jim Salk provides exemplary customer service, and you can order any of his speakers in virtually any real wood veneer you can think of. The SongTowers are tough to beat in this price range, in my opinion.
I'll add the following speakers to your search...

The Von Schweikert VR-4Jr's

The.....hmmm, nah just get the VR's and you'll never look back, They are that good and a steal for what they go for on the used market at around $2k.