What a great hobby, we meet very nice people

Just wanted to highlight through a chance encounter I met an individual unbeknownst to me at the time as the owner of Gingko Audio. He ended up stopping over at my house offering numerous solutions to optimizing the sound of my system which includeed speaker positioning and cabling. His name is Vinh Vu. What a difference he helped make in my system. This is not an advertisement for what he sells, it is just an experience with a very honest and knowledgeable individual who helped me take my system to the next level. It is very gratifying meeting people like Vinh. What a great experience! We need more people like this in our hobby.
I've known Vinh for quite awhile. He's a good guy. Very knowledgeable and really into audio.
Interesting and timely story, thanks for sharing Solecky.

It just so happens that Vinh is scheduled to stop in and visit me this coming Friday afternoon. He is coming to audition some Soliloquy speakers I am selling, but he seems like he really wants to just listen to music. He wants to hear my new speakers, my old speakers, my system. He is even bringing over some toys for me to listen to.
Should be fun.