What affects front to back depth in room/ system?

I've been moving speakers around for a while now trying to maximize their placement for a happy balance of soundstage width, focus of center image, vocal height, instrument placements, etc. I want to get the speaker placement settled before acoustically treating the room. The room is 15x20 with 8' ceilings. Speakers are setup along the 20' wall. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of the sound, but what I can't seem to figure out is how to improve the depth. Honestly, I'm not sure if what I'm after is attainable to begin with. Is it possible to have depth that reaches the listening position in a 2.2 channel sound system? The depth behind the speakers is great, just not much in front of them- unless it's one of those songs that has a part where it has that inverted phase trick. Then it washes over me. I want that all the time. Any feedback and advice is appreciated. 


First of all you should change your speaker placement, you should always put the speakers firing down the longest length which is 20 ft and then go on the Cardas site and you can plug in the 15-ft width of your room and it'll tell you exactly where to put your speakers, I did that and it totally opened up my sound stage, and then you should get the Townshend podiums to stop your speaker vibrating it was the most significant upgrade I've ever done to my system they're not cheap but well worth it.


I wish you would have named the system that that singer is singing on it sounds very natural even through my phone I can hear how nice it is.

In my experience I started with by-amping Adcom 555s . It sounded amazing but only a 6 foot circle in the center of the room between the speakers . When I upgraded to the mc452 that was a whole different story. Soundstage grew exponentially. My room is of similar size 15/20 with speakers set up along the 15 foot wall 7ft. apart. The soundstage grew from 6ft. circle to the whole back of the 15ft wall. My opinion is for a better soundstage is amp, amp ,amp.

Try playing Moon River by Jacintha to get a perspective of image placement and over all system sound.  

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