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I was looking at getting a Pass Labs solid state amp however they are about 3-4 inches longer in DEPTH coming in at 21.25" 

Most run of the AV cabinets are built for 18" or less in depth.    Other than a custom job, has anyone else come across this and found an affordable AV cabinet that runs over 22-24 inches (in depth) on the inside?"   I need a wood cabinet style preferably -verses the glass shelving with open backs.
Have you considered an open back cabinet like the glass ones. Some can look really nice.

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This is a serious issue, and it is made much worse by cable makers who put monstrous connectors on the back, like with XLR plugs. So even if you get the depth, you can't connect anything to it.

Exactly.  You would probably need to take off the back and would still see wires all over the place from the sides. I'd be willing to get one like if available.  A cabinet with doors etc and some modern styling.  At least it would look good from the front.  I think there is an opportunity for a middle of the road modular cabinet maker to market  various options at a reasonable cost.  Something under 1k? Might have to produce in China perhaps like everything else for that price range.  I believe there is a demand as dedicated audio space needs to be shared with other parts of the house etc.  Glass rack mounts do not always cut 
the mustard when living with a lady friend too! Even though they don't bother me so much. 
I quickly searched for custom made audio furniture and found this link >>>


I am sure you can find other custom builders that can build the exact audio cabinet you need including the 24" depth plus additional space for cable, etc.  Search for custom cabinets for audio for a list of possibilities. 
I sent him an inquiry message a few weeks ago and got no reply. Use caution with timbernation. I also read in one thread in the past that quality of his work was not always consistent. 
I suggest you might contact Mapleshade. But they are quite expensive.
Forgot one other thing: Heat.

Closed cabinets, even with ventilation holes, get really warm. Warm enough to make a mini-PC run iffy. If you are planning to put a class A amplifier in a cabinet, having an open construction will really help keep everything well ventilated.


Please see this link >>>


Salamander Designs must be expensive but they do offer regular audio cabibers and custom designs.  

As Eric notes above, heat could be a problem so an open cabinet is suggested. 
Check out AVC (Audio Vibration Control), he goes under the name of woodsage on the Gon.
You could also try what I did, which was to source out a local carpenter and have him make something like this.

If you scroll down about halfway you’ll see a mid century style boxer media stand. It’s what I had made for me and I couldn’t be happier.
It’s 1" thick maple all around with African Padauk wood inlays and metal hairpin legs. Incredibly solid and sturdy and will fit into practically any decor.

I always like to use local talent and I even had him make some console tables in the same vein (they are further down).

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I use a Salamander cabinet with the extended metal ventilated back added to it and it gives me about 23" of depth and the shelving is adjustable to any position, up or down, to keep up with any changes in your gear over time. Now I spent about $1,700.00 up front for the cabinet but it has been an absolute great purchase and have added 2" maple shelving from Timbernation replacing the original shelves. Go to my Virtual System and take a look to get an idea. For what it is worth Timbernation has always satisfied my needs with anything I have asked of them in craftsmanship and price, sometimes slow to respond but worth the wait.
There is also $15k rack from Walker Audio. Anyone? It does look serious, no idea of its performance.
For custom work one could also probably contact one of Amish web stores. Appears high quality. I wanted to get couple of chairs from them but...a bit expensive.
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