What affects front to back depth in room/ system?

I've been moving speakers around for a while now trying to maximize their placement for a happy balance of soundstage width, focus of center image, vocal height, instrument placements, etc. I want to get the speaker placement settled before acoustically treating the room. The room is 15x20 with 8' ceilings. Speakers are setup along the 20' wall. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of the sound, but what I can't seem to figure out is how to improve the depth. Honestly, I'm not sure if what I'm after is attainable to begin with. Is it possible to have depth that reaches the listening position in a 2.2 channel sound system? The depth behind the speakers is great, just not much in front of them- unless it's one of those songs that has a part where it has that inverted phase trick. Then it washes over me. I want that all the time. Any feedback and advice is appreciated. 


You need to listen to Diana Krall all the time if you wanna listen to things with sound depth . Most of the time I find it's the quality of recording that makes all the difference in the world despite whatever equipment you have 

Just a follow up: I got the sound I was looking for. Here’s are the 5 changes I needed to do bridge the gap:

I’m not sure if it’s ok to mention names and models of items here or if it’s frowned upon, so I’ll leave it out to be safe. If ok and info is desired, let me know and I’ll post em’.

Each of these were performed 1 at a time to ensure I can identify changes (good or bad) or if no change. I then listen for a couple days to assess/ evaluate the 1 tweak, then would move onto the next one.

First: the main speakers needed a litle bit more toe-in and had to be spread a little farther apart. More coherent and focus in center image, improved bass, less side wall reflections.

2nd: upgraded from one good power cable on my pre-amp to the latest/greatest of the same model. It immediately sounded better and cast a huge soundstage, but was also a little bit thinner sounding and "phasey" sounding at the same time (compared to the old one). After 3 days of listening, it settled in and again and the thin and phasey issues were gone. What was left is better bass and I can hear soft quiet sounds in music I couldn’t make out before (during parts of songs where there is whispering etc) I can now hear the words. Crazy!

3rd: (buckle-in): I changed the stock fuse in my streamer/DAC to a "fancy-pants" fuse. This was an incredible improvement in bass, noise floor reduced, better imaging, layering, and depth. I can’t friggin’ believe it. I used this same very fuse in an integrated tube amp I have since sold and I don’t recall it making that much of an improvement like it did to my streamer/DAC. This upgrade made me stop looking at the next upgrade. I’m happy again with this streamer/DAC again. This fuse upgrade just saved me an s-load of $.

4th upgraded 2 already decent power cables on my class d mono block amps to the next models up. I had a feeling these might have been the bottleneck. and I suspected correctly. These weren’t exactly cheap to upgrade. This tweak made the biggest difference of them all.

Lastly, I experimented with moving one of my subs out of the corner of the front wall and put it on a small solid wood table/stand about 2’ off the ground. The table was about the same size as the sub. This smoothed out the bass in the room, but also took away some of the punch. I then took it off the floor and found a spot in the room where the sub responded positively/ improving the upper mid and bottom end. I ended up placing it just off to the outside of the right speaker about a 1’ away and just behind it. I then tuned both subs so one is crossed over for more of the rock bottom and the other one a little higher to get more punch and chestiness.

I’m now contemplating picking up a couple more of those fuses for the mono blocks. I’m finally at a point now where gear is done. I feel that the gear and setup and tweaks was the first 50% and this is now mostly optimized/ as good as it’s going to get. Now onto the next frontier/ other 50%: room treatment. I need to learn REW to take RT60 and measure bass etc. I’m pretty good with computers/apps, but this one is a bit intimidating. Any help here would be appreciated. I already have the U-mik-1 and a mic stand and laptop ready to go.


@veerossi Please consider trying 2 Swiss Digital Fuse Boxes, it replaces the skinny wire fuse with a solid copper rod which can pass tons more current and uses a microprocessor to sense current and protect your gear, you can change values and it can trip without breaking unlike a fancy fuse.


‘Thank you very much for the follow up comments. It is great to hear what it takes to get improvements. 

Please mention the brands and models of the cables and other equipment you used, this is the most valuable information. It is highly encouraged. This is why there is a place to show photos and to identify brand and model of all your equipment. Please share.

@klh007 Thank you for the recommendation. I'm happy where I'm at currently with the fuse situation, but will definitely keep it in mind if (when) I get upgraditis later on. 


Preamp: I went from a Shunyata Delta NR (v1) to same cable but the most current version (v2). 

Mono block power cables x2: I went from Shunyata Venom V10 NR to Shunyata Delta NR (v1)

Fuse in pre-amp: stock to Synergistic Research Purple

Fuse in streamer/dac: stock to Synergistic Rearch Orange