What amp next for Vandersteens?

I currently have a YBA pre/amp with 50w into my model 2's. I love what it does but feel 50w even in a small room is not enough to get the dynamics right.I like the tonality and overall separation of instruments. My 100w Krell doesn't do it for me but it gets the dynamics right. What amp gives me the tonality and feel of the YBA with better dynamics?
Hi, I have the 2ce sigs and use Music Reference rm9 mkll with great success. I have also used the RM 10 which only has 35 watts per channel and I have to say that even though I prefer the rm 9 the 10 is a very close second. I keep the 10 just as a back up.
I tried quite a few amps with my Vandersteen 3As and my 5As and found that Audio Research was the best match. Look for a used vt 100, plenty of power for your 2s.
My office system consists of Vandersteen 2ce speakers, an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp (tube) and a Classe 15 amp that puts out 175wpc. It sounds excellent. I am using MIT AVT 1 bi-wire speaker cables as well. The sound is very full and defined with a large soundstage. IMHO, you need at least 100wpc to make the Vandersteens really sing.
Try a used pair of Cary 500 MB's; a pair will show up every now and then on Audiogon. Search 'chat' here on Audiogon for user comments on these great amps. They can drive just about any load and are the closest thing to very good tube sound in a SS amp that I have found so far. Highly recommended!
Vandersteen 2's and McCormack DNA 1's make for perhaps the best overall value in high end audio. Before spending more, I strongly suggest you consider the McCormack's with your Vandy 2's.
If you are wanting a more refined sound, consider a SMc modified McCormack amp. Every so often they appear on Audiogon for sale or you can purchase a used amp and have it modified to suit your sonic preferences. Steve McCormack and Kris Jeter at SmC have really refined their modifications and their modified beauties sound fantastic with Vandersteens!
my dad runs a Aesthetix Atlas on his Quats and it sounds fantastic with AR Ref3 pre.
I have the 2Ci, on their original "T" shaped metal stands. I drive them with other vintage, Harman Kardon 17s pre-amp and 16As amp. I am very pleased. I do classical and jazz. I can even do the Telarc LP of the 1812 with the cannons, and feel them, plus hear the small tinkles of a triangle in another part. I assume what you have is similar to my speakers. The H-K amp is biased further in to class A than many - I don't know if that makes a difference. I run them through the original Monster cable - the big round one the diameter of a garden hose. However, I also have heavy duty jumpers at the banana jacks, so not bi-amped.
>Most owners of Vandersteen speakers have either Ayre, or Audio Research

As do I as it was recommended by Richard himself.
I drove my 2ci speakers with a Classe Ten amp and Audible Illusions Modulus 3 tube preamp.  Using Audioquest cables it was a match made in Heaven and kept me happy for 10