What amp next for Vandersteens?

I currently have a YBA pre/amp with 50w into my model 2's. I love what it does but feel 50w even in a small room is not enough to get the dynamics right.I like the tonality and overall separation of instruments. My 100w Krell doesn't do it for me but it gets the dynamics right. What amp gives me the tonality and feel of the YBA with better dynamics?
Hi, I have the 2ce sigs and use Music Reference rm9 mkll with great success. I have also used the RM 10 which only has 35 watts per channel and I have to say that even though I prefer the rm 9 the 10 is a very close second. I keep the 10 just as a back up.
I tried quite a few amps with my Vandersteen 3As and my 5As and found that Audio Research was the best match. Look for a used vt 100, plenty of power for your 2s.