What amp to pair with a Hafler DH-110 Preamp?

I recently purchased a refurbished , recapped back up to factory specifications Hafler DH-110 Preamp. I had one back in the day and liked how it sounded. I thought it was the best one from Hafler when used a Hafler amp and with a good turntable set up. What amplifiers would go best with it to power ADS L1590 or ADS MK1290 floor stander speakers? The MK1290 ADS speakers are not nearly as bright sounding as the ADS L1590 model. The latter has a high efficiency rating. Speakers are in very good condition and one pair has been refurbished and brought back up to spec. Also own and use a pair of Snell Model E speakers that sound nice. 


I'd look for a Hafler XL280 or maybe a John Hillig, (Musical Concepts) modded Hafler DH220.

A Forte Model 3 would be nice.

As would a Threshold S150.

How about a nicely restored Hafler 220 amp? Plenty of power and quite transparent sounding too! BTW, I have the 110/220 pair in my collection! Plus the Snell E's!

I think you are spot on Jason! I will try looking for  a restored/recapped Hafler DH220. Is your sound with your Hafler combination warm and rich? Just curious, are you using your Snell speakers with this combination? 

Go to Musical Concepts/Musical Design web site and go to their used and demo page.John always has a handful of fully modded Hafler amps at a markdown. What he does with a Hafler is beyond tomorrow. You will not be disappointed. 

Thank you qdrone! I just went on the musical concepts website. Wow. I also have a reference B &K amplifier that still sounds nice. I see he has modified and upgraded some of those as well. Thank you for the advice. I love this forum. This will be fun to try another amp in the system. 

          Another excellent option:


     If you don't need that much juice and can find one:


      I've been using a (personally modded) 9505 to power my woofer system, for over 20 years.

   Tried it as a main amp, with a variety of speakers and if I ever give up SS bottom/monoblock tubes on top; it'll be my stereo amp.

                                     A stroll down Memory Lane:


        Of course: Rockford-Fosgate was the builder of the later 'Hafler' iterations.

                                         A couple 9300's, here:


                                       More memories, re: 9505-



I pulled the trigger on a DH-200 recapped and restored back up to factory specs. I used to love the sound this amp made with the mosfet inside when paired with the Hafler preamp. I had no idea about the later Hafler 9505 and 9303 models. Interesting. Thank you for the help. Great forum! 

John does remarkable things with Hafler. I have a modified Adcom 555 from him. It's my back up amp. He molded my Adcom 750 pre amp and it sounds awesome. I even have a Magnavox 650 cd player crammed into a 470 with The Epoch mods. I'm tempted to send it in to find the problem with it. It's has an outside power supply and a Crown Dac chip. Sounded good for its day. Your welcome,you cannot go wrong with John's mods.