what amp with the vr-4's

ok guys what amps are we using with the vr-4's
Von Schweikert speakers seem to love tubes. I had a pair of VR4 Silvers using a Music Reference RM9. Great match. Now I have a pair of VR2s, which is a better speaker in every regard, using the same amp. Another great match.

VR4s are a relatively easy load, so any decent tube amp of 40 watts or more should do the trick.

I've had VR4 GenIII's for 2 years & started out with an Ayre V-3 & then upgraded to a V-5x. Both pieces are great performers but the V-5x does it better.

Oz, I auditioned the VR2's in my house using the V-5x & wouldn't trade my 4's for them.

Like they say, each to his own.
Well, the Gen III is a vast improvement over my Silvers. If I had them, I probably wouldn't prefer the VR2s either. But compared to the earlier VS speakers, the 2 is a hands down winner.

PS Audio, Bel Canto and Spectron digital amps have been my favorites of the many dozens of amps I've used with VSA speakers. I can't imagine any sub 5 figure tube amp driving them to levels I like to listen to, and with the type of music I enjoy, but that's just me.