What are KT94 Vacuum Tubes?

I just bought an LA Audio 100R integrated amplifier. It uses four KT94 vacuum tubes. Upon searching the internet I found virtually nothing on KT94 tubes--just one Chinese website with no information. None of the major tube stores stock KT94s as far as I can tell. So...does anyone have any idea what these are? Where I can get some? Are there any compatiable tubes such as the KT88 etc.? Many thanks in advance for any help.
Your best bet would be to call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. He is super informed on tubes and also has a huge selection of rare tubes. If he does not have the product or a substitution, he will set you in the right direction.
Thanks for your input guys. I will definitely call Kevin. I checked that it might be 4 KT90s--no such luck, but it was a brilliant suggestion. Anyone else out there? KT94s?