What are some good things to do when going to an audition

Trying to get some more ideas on some rules to follow when partaking in an audition.  Here are some of the initial thoughts on this:

  1. Don't Touch the equipment without permission
  2. Don't set your drink on equipment
  3. Be honest about your intentions of engaging in the audition.
  4. Its a good practice to bring a few CDs so you can listen to what you like.

Am I missing any?  


Bring in a CD or record you’re very familiar with so you can readily identify any differences in playback. Bring in a particularly well recorded CD to see how well the equipment deals with that in comparison to your current equipment, and bring in a particularly poorly recorded CD to see how much more the "poorness" is exposed. I tried this with some telling results on my last speakers purchase. Find out if the equipment being auditioned is broken in or not. No sense in the dealer providing the listening material. You know they'll cherry pick extraordinary material. I did ask them at the end of each listening session to play the best recording they had just to see what the speakers were capable of . That was interesting too.



What's the protocol when asking for a dealer's best price? I always operated assuming the price tag is the price I pay. No wheelin and dealin except for autos of course. I feel doing so is insulting. What's the appropriate ask? 10% off? 20%? Higher? Thanks.