What are the High, Medium output MC top contenders

What are you're votes for the best high, medium MC's. Not a fan of any SUT. Trying to make my Wright AG Phono quieter. Current MC low output Benz Ebony LP.
I am dazed and confused by the expression SUT. I thought first of a rather easy going woman- if you catch my drift. That is due to my dyslexia. Please provide the definition.
I own a HO MC but it is not the best I have heard , the Dynevector XX HO, I heard it in a shootout with the Sumiko Oyster or Black biurd it was about $1,000 amongst several others. The sumiko had much greater dynamic range and was particularly accomplished with pluming the depth of the bass while keeping it well defined. The Sumiko is simply just more extended.
I don't know much about absolute best HO or mid output carts because the "best" carts I have heard have all been wildly expensive and low to vanishingly low output. At that point, you are approaching the noise floor of the transformers and subsequent gain stages therefore you are more likely evaluating the amplification quality of the phono stage not the cart.
BTW, the Dynavector XX HO was discontinued LONG ago, in fact, it is 2 models ago. I seem to recall about 7 years ago. I am clarifying that fact so someone may confuse it with the current model, an XX2 MkII.
Have you considered the Ruby 3H with .7mv output. I'm using an older MO.9 wood bodied Benz with .9mv output into an Artemis Labs PH-1. It is all tubed, no sut's and has a gain of about 52db. It works fabulously!
You may also want to consider the EMT JSD5 or JSD6. They have 1mv output and are very respected.
Thanks All. I'll pick up a Ruby 3H and report my findings.
Any of you encounter not enough gain from you're tube phono stage, lack of dynamics without the use of a step up transformer and therefore looked for a higher output MC's? My experience with step up transformers has been better dynamics and stability of images but at the cost of sacrificing high frequency detail with the music sounding constraint.