What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?

What would be the best sounding records you have ever listened to that sound best to you regardless of its genre, pressing, mastering, label, value or a technology used to record it?


Steely Dan, Aja.

Frank Sinatra and Count Basie, It Might as Well Be Swing.

Isabelle Faust, Bach Sonatas and Partitas

Jethro Tull, Aqualung, Steven Wilson mix.

The list goes on forever.

I just had a 45 year old Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen on my turntable that I bought new and have played many many times.  'Momma Hated Deisels So Bad' sounds really great.  

Then again Zappa's, "Feeding The Monkeys at Ma Maison" is hard to beat.

American Percussion Society, Paul Price Breaking The Sound Barrier Vol.1 Percussion Urania USD 1007 LP  (not the later pressing)

The Ramsey Lewis Trio – Down To Earth (Music From The Soil)  Verve Records 314 538 329-2   CD  (not any of the original stampers)  Bonus cut 14 is mono and fantastic


I have 28500 LPs and 7000 CDs to choose from for sonics.  Many are outstanding.  Most are not.   Recording, mastering and pressing is generally the stumbling block for LPs, just mastering for CDs.   So many outstanding CDs (jazz and classical) to choose from.   Maybe 2,500 LPs as great (jazz tends to be the best, rock the worst).