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Streamer/DAC combinations
Try a Lümin D2 deals are out there on used.  The D3 is the newer version.    I have really enjoyed my D2 $3,200 range.   
Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?
Nearly for this man.  I have purchase a few used recordings that need deep cleaning, bit in some cases the damage is done.   
Better cd SQ
Someone mentioned the Denon DCD-A110.  while a stunning player, in no universe can it be found for anything close to $2,000.   
Giving Advice without recommending your own equipment
People often want opinions from owners of the gear.     
Let the Games Begin
Thoughts About Turntable Upgrades
I can’t comment on Sota…   however, a phono-pre upgrade would go a long way.  I have a Planar 3 with a decent Parasound pre.  Try the pre first and see?   there are the two schools of thought on tables: - as much mass as your structure can ho... 
New CD Player
Can’t refer to anything from your old player, but we are many generations later now in CD player technology.    the Marantz for its price would be a great player if you don’t need SACD.  $1,000 is likely reasonable.     
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
I’ve been informed, and amused by the chemistry and psychology in this thread.  tianks to all that have given good information 🤣  
New Cartridge Causing Intermittent Popping
Strange stuff all.    j have had a variety of tables over the years, and never had this issue.  mine had a Signet TK10ML with a true microphone stylus.  currently Audio Technics ART9xi (special line contact) I keep vinyl clean, and clean all new... 
Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work
Division Bell.   
One Thousand Dollars
“You may find yourself…” 😎  
You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
My old Signet TK 10 ML was wonderful. My old Signet TK 10 ML was wonderful. I currently using Audio Technica ART9Xi.    the Signet ran on an old ADS table for years.  then moved to a Rega Planar 3 for a year or two before moving to the Audio Te... 
isonic CS6.1-PRO ultrasonic record cleaner
Excellent review!  
Ultimate test of bass - Lana del Rey's A&W
Just a false boost in the master…    
What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
There’s a fuss? 😎