What are your notes and thoughts on The Beatles White Album Giles Martin remaster?


For those who don't know, please check out the Ascher Demos, which come with the super deluxe version. 
If his work on the White album is anything like what he did with Sgt Peppers then it's amazing. I'm still totally blown away by Sgt Peppers. 
I am enjoying this super deluxe CD set. The Esher Demos are excellent sounding to my ears and bests the various bootleg material in circulation.
Equally noted, are the tracks, "Yer Blues" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". These (2) variations are the best on CD to date. All comparisons were made against my U.K. breadbox CD set from the late 80's which is no slouch (flat transfer for its time).
Happy Listening!
The Esher demos, never before so clear, are the highlight of the whole set, but the regular album is pretty good too. Seems to sound similar in tone, but a bit less compressed than Giles’ previous effort with Sgt Pepper 2017.

I’d say it sounds slightly like a cartoon version of original vinyl, but certainly not unpleasant, far from it.

It's also great to see the tapes holding up so well after 50+ years.
Has anyone compared vinyl to cd. I've been told the Esher songs are much better on vinyl just wondering if that's true.
Thanks All!

I listened to it on Tidal and was super impressed. I'm putting it on my Christmas list for sure.  Some of the Ascher demoes are really interesting. 
I think I'll do another comparative listen between the 1987 and 2018 versions, perhaps in a different system at a friends in the New Year.

The 2018 is no doubt a lovely sounding addition, but the '87 remains the definitive digital version for me because it closest to what I grew up with (1970s UK vinyl).

Newcomers may well prefer the  Giles Martin interpretation and I wouldn't blame them.

Yes indeed. I concur with the '87 version being definitive. We have lived longer with those discs prior to the year 2018.

Happy Listening!
I had a White Christmas and am doing some listening now. My initial impression is this is great but does not have the same impact and revelation as the Pepper remaster had.
I'm quite satisfied with the remastered version of the original mix from a couple of years ago.  I may or  may not plop down more money for a version that may or may not be superior to that one. 
I just bought a paper label cassette version of the White Album on eBay. I also, just this morning, bought a paper label cassette of Sgt. Peppers 🌶  Lonely Hearts Club Band. Was that wrong?
A new take, if well done, can be very interesting.
I like the new Pepper but wouldn’t want to be without the original.

Received the new White several weeks ago but haven’t listened yet.
Revisited the GM remaster and within half an hour wanted to put on the 1987 version back on, or maybe even an original vinyl rip.

The GM subtle changes don’t seem so subtle now and I fear his remaster will be relegated to nothing more than a curio of its time.

It did make plenty of money and does sound great though.

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Case remains open. Your breakdown is meritless and abit juvenile.

You are dismissed!

If you insist, but thanks for the detailed explanation. 

Apologies also for thinking you might be asking for opinions or a reasoned debate.

I didn't realise that you were stating a fact.

Anyways, I still disagree, despite what you might happen to know.

I believe it's right up there behind Abbey Road, Pepper and Revolver, but I am referring to the original CD release not necessarily the 2018 Giles Martin remix.

Still it's ahead of Rubber Soul, A Hard Day's Night, Let It Be and Help!, Beatles for Sale, or the first two.

Some like the early stuff more, some the later, but almost everyone likes the Beatles.