what CD player between 1-2K

I find that the higher priced CD players pursue playing perfection but create porblems on their own. I'm looking for a good sounding player that can handle female vocals as well as full symphony orchestras. It seem, when the mids get overloaded the sound strains and loses detail. I have tried several $400-$1000 units with several types of solid state electronics & speakers. It seems the more you pay for the player, the more this midrange trouble occurs.
I presently have a Cary 308 player but I'm looking for something with more consistent or forgiving sound performance. I listen to jazz, blues, chamber music, opera and symphonies. My present electronics are Coda and my speakers are ProAc D15's.
Keep your CDP and buy a good DAC. Electrocompaniet, Audio Logic or Chord 64 but make sure you get a really good digital cable. These DACs will compete or beat any single unit in this price range although the Audio Aero Prima would be my choice for the all in one box.

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Agree on the used Audio Aero Prima. These players are VERRRRY close to the best out there while having an affordable pricetag.

Also, there is currently a used Granite 657 here for sale. You really can do no better than this player without spending ridiculous money.
My first Cd player was a NAD 5000, 1991 vintage. I upgraded to a Theta miles and then a Quad CDP-99. I'm back to my NAD 5000 and enjoying music more than ever. I saw a 5000 for sale here for 65.00 a few weeks ago.

Goes against all my audiophile logic but I'm trusting my ears and heart. Also sold my high end cables and went all Signal Cable, another good move. Not as much bling-bling, appearance wise,in my system now but more bling-bling to my ears. Good thing my ears can't see my equipment or read reviews.


I agree with Bigkidz in that you should look at DACs. In addition to up/oversampling DACs check out the non-os DACs as well. Audio Note if you like tubes and Audio Mirror ($550 new and a great value) if you don't prefer tubes are good choices. The 308T would make a nice transport and before I bought my Alesis ML9600 it was on my list of potential transports for my Audio Mirror.
I am absolutely delighted with my GamuT CDR which I believe sells used in your price range. I have enjoyed it for 2 yrs. I love opera, all classical music and jazz. All sound very natural and analog like to me.