What do you guys think of the Rega Super Elys?

I have Rega P3 2000 and was wondering what you guys think of the Super Elys. Any comments would be helpful. How does it compare to the Dynavector 10X4? I am using an Exposure Pre-Amp.

While the Rega cartridges are ok, there are many better in similar price ranges. I'd take the Dynavector any day.
Had amn Elys.A little thin sounding.My Grado at same price blew it away.But it has a nice synergy with an all Rega rig.Would put it on a P3 but if I had a 25 or 9 I'd get a better cartridge.One thing is that it has a strong plastic body that you can tighten the piss out of it without worrying if you are going to damage it.With Rega it's all about "tightness" and resonace control.This is why they don't have adjustable VTA on their decks to minimize mechanical connections and their inherent resonaces.
The Goldring 1042 will walk all over the Rega Super Elys and any other cartridge in the under $500 category. It's easily one of the best moving magnet cartridges ever made. I have no reason to glorify the Goldring, I'm just extremely impressed with my 1042. It makes a great match with the Rega P3 turntables. In England where it's produced, the Goldring/Rega P3 combos are very popular and rightly so. The Goldrings aren't as popular in North America because of their relative lack of advertising but this doesn't diminish it's excellent sound. Snap one up before Goldring catches on and raises their price : )
I had the Elys and Super Elys on my Table. Both were nice cartridges with good sound. I replaced the Super with a Goldring Eroica. I got superior sound. Then I sold the Rega and bought the Music Hall MMf-7, which comes with an Eroica, I had another gain in sound quality.

I think a call to music hall or the needle doctor for a Goldring cartridge will serve you well.
Also agree with Mountainking, in his liking for the Goldring 1042. If I were to get a MM cartridge, that is what I'd buy.