What do you listen to when no one else can hear it

Everyone has something they like to listen to, but won't play it when their friends are around for fear of getting abused. What are your recordings that you don't play for friends, but will put on when no one else is around.

To break the ice, I'll go first.

The Carpenters - from their last LP that came out right after Karen died - "Make believe it's your first time."

Don't be a coward, fess up!
I ocassionaly listen to the Beach Boys and throw in some surf guitar stuff. My wife hates this stuff so I have to play it when shes not around.:~)
I find I often reach for my one Shakti LP.

http://www.remembershakti.com/index.html - what happened since that LP
99% of everything I listen to no one else hears, but my secret spin is Michael Jackson. If my friends knew they would kick my ***. (Maybe I need new friends?)