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My PS Audio Duet Power Center Stopped working
My Quintet power module gave it up and they sent me one free when it was long out of warranty. Give them a call, they were great to me. 
I need new music....
Go to Pandora radio, create a station naming the artist you like and they will play that artist and similar artists.It's a start. As a Mitchell fan, I find Beth Orton great. Lucinda Williams too 
Ben Harper
As a Ben Harper fan you'll enjoy his contribution to the heartfelt movie "Standing in the Shadows of Motown."He tears up,,,,,, no I shouldn't tell you. 
How to reply to questions about stereo cost?
It's important to support the arts! 
What Class D amp for B&W speakers
http://www.psaudio.com/products/gca_amplifiers.asphas links to a few reviews. There is also a forum there where you can post your question or find if someone else has put together such a combination. 
Home made power strips
That hot box uses readily available parts for the steel componets. Right off the floor from the big box store. The conductor parts are open to your choice. When you tie into the romex supply clean those wires with fine paper like 800 grit. 
What song is your fav.Emmylou cut???
I like many of Emmylou's cuts but "Millworker" has always stopped me in my tracks.Saw her at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia this year and she was great although she didn't do "Millworker." 
Can a new DAC make a 6 disc changer sound better?
In one system I have a Sony ES changer feed a Meridian DAC and in another I have an Adcom changer feed an Audio Research DAC.Bought both used, $400 and $300 - well worth the money. If you bought a used one for a fair price you could always get you... 
What receptacle for 240V 20A in the States?
http://www.passandseymour.com/pdf/U029.pdf will show you HD 240v devicesThe power cord you have can be used for 240v because each conductor will be carrying half of what the hot conductor did when you were using the cord for 115v. Change the plug ... 
Best sound out of a computer
I use this Xitel product to send all sound generated from my computer to both the stereo in the basement aside the computer and upstairs to feed an Audio Research DAC 1-20. http://www.xitel.com/product_phfl.htmCoaxial carries signals well over dis... 
What is the best CD player under $2000 ?
Rega will be on you list. Here's a look at the Saturn;http://stereotimes.com/CD091806PS.shtmlThe Apollo is well regarded also. 
Where can I find speaker feet?
http://madisound.com/pdf/misc.pdf has a few different types 
Help me put a system together for under $1k.
A new kit, the Swifty, which I've never heard, might be a good start. http://www.madisound.com/pdf/Swifty.pdfWith a precut cabinet kit you'll be well within budget and the Vifa drivers are a proven item as witnessed by how many speaker manafacture... 
Is there a good quality speaker switch out there?
I've been happy with Niles which I use in two systems. http://www.nilesaudio.com/product_selection.php?catcdID=7Many variations, mine is labeled high definition without volume controls.There are also impedance matching wall mounted volume controls... 
What do I need to use my PC as a music server
I use this, http://www.xitel.com/product_phfl.htm , to move music from a PC to a sound system. The Xitel Pro offers digital hookup which is nice for a 60' run to a DAC with no voltage drop. My ARC converter handles three inputs, so one can be from...