What do you sit on?

As my system has improved I am spending more time listening but my "sweet spot" is not as comfortable as I would like. I'm looking at new chairs, recliners, etc.  This is one topic I have not seen discussed on Audiogon. What kind of chair, perhaps what specific manufacturers are favored by experienced audiophiles? Maybe a little crowd sourcing in this area might turn up some overlooked gems in the way of listening room furniture.
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The older I get -- 71 now-- the less I can tolerate any chair for a long time. I bought a leather arm chair for listening in early 2014; now I can’t sit in it for 10 mins without back pain. Should I be glad I didn’t pay a lot, or sorry I didn’t pay more for a more luxurious chair? Would I have found it comfortable longer? I haven’t a clue.

I’m using an Aeron office chair temporarily, which swivels and tilts. When it’s safer to shop, I’ll look for something adjustable.

What can I recommend to you? For comfort, a chair with more than one fixed position. For sound, one that comes no higher than the shoulders. Some say that fabric is preferable to leather, as it generates fewer reflections.

I think that chairs are like clothing: you have to try it on yourself. What fits someone else may not fit you.
Good question.
Eames lounge chair with ottoman. I have one in the listening room & one in the "living" room. I can sit in them for hours without any issues. Very comfortable chairs.  
If you can't sit for long without back pain, please see a neurosurgeon, who could most likely decompress a spinal nerve root for you to relieve low back/sciatic pain.  It could be life changing.