What do you sit on?

As my system has improved I am spending more time listening but my "sweet spot" is not as comfortable as I would like. I'm looking at new chairs, recliners, etc.  This is one topic I have not seen discussed on Audiogon. What kind of chair, perhaps what specific manufacturers are favored by experienced audiophiles? Maybe a little crowd sourcing in this area might turn up some overlooked gems in the way of listening room furniture.
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The older I get -- 71 now-- the less I can tolerate any chair for a long time. I bought a leather arm chair for listening in early 2014; now I can’t sit in it for 10 mins without back pain. Should I be glad I didn’t pay a lot, or sorry I didn’t pay more for a more luxurious chair? Would I have found it comfortable longer? I haven’t a clue.

I’m using an Aeron office chair temporarily, which swivels and tilts. When it’s safer to shop, I’ll look for something adjustable.

What can I recommend to you? For comfort, a chair with more than one fixed position. For sound, one that comes no higher than the shoulders. Some say that fabric is preferable to leather, as it generates fewer reflections.

I think that chairs are like clothing: you have to try it on yourself. What fits someone else may not fit you.
Good question.
Eames lounge chair with ottoman. I have one in the listening room & one in the "living" room. I can sit in them for hours without any issues. Very comfortable chairs.  
If you can't sit for long without back pain, please see a neurosurgeon, who could most likely decompress a spinal nerve root for you to relieve low back/sciatic pain.  It could be life changing.  

In contrast to steakster, I truly enjoyed my many years with an Ekornes Stressless Recliner.  I used it both as my stereo chair and an office chair (I read books and screenplays for a living, writing notes on a legal pad).  The only reason I got rid of it is because my wife just got too disgusted how worn-out it eventually looked.  I also have a kneeling chair.  Sorry to report, unless I sit on it backwards and just use it as a stool, the kneeling chair becomes damnably uncomfortable within five minutes no matter how I try to adjust it.  It may supposedly be good for your back, but it's hell on your knees, shins and ankles.  It doesn't make my back feel very aye-aye-aye either.  Anyway, for my stereo l now I use a firm but nicely padded living room easy chair.  No adjustments but it doesn't need any.  It also has nicely grippy upholstery, something that keeps me from slouching  as the listening session stretches on and on.
I know this is hijacking the thread & I apologize but IF YOU HAVE BACK PROBLEMS PLEASE READ THIS:
Get an INVERSION TABLE with Infrared Heat!!!
They wanted to cut me open & fuse 3 vertebra up top & 2 down low..A good friend brought me to her place & made me try hers..Had one for 10+ years now & NOT A SINGLE BACK problem since!!!
Also perfect timing as I was just pondering this question lately...
I have a high back office chair with mesh seat and back, articulating headrest, swivels and is on rollers. I just bought a rectangular mechanics seat with wheels from Harbor Freight for a foot stool. Both are light weight and easy to move around
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I have a Stressless Buckingham sofa, which seats three, all three seating positions have a recline feature, which isn't a full recline, but I'm able to find that "sweet spot" and can sit for hours.
If you have good room acoustics, especially if you have treated reflections from the back wall, then a high back or low back chair/couch will both work reasonably well. If you have not treated your back walls, then a high back is likely to sound better (see next paragraph).

If you are trying to optimize SQ, then fabric is the best option. Leather/pleather will reflect more sound and you don't want that happening close to your head.
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Ekorness Stressless.  I've picked up 3 of them over the last several years used locally off of Craigslist and Marketplace for very reasonable $.  Be on the lookout and act fast.  Know what they look like.
I listen from Wassily Chairs. In addition to being a beautiful and classic design (see this Wikipedia writeup), their relatively low seating position results in my ears being at an optimal height for my particular speakers (Daedalus Ulysses), and I would expect any effects they might have on sonics due to reflections to be very minimal compared to many other kinds of chairs.

Also, the Wassily chairs are very easy to re-position when my wife and I are both listening.

Various knockoffs of the Wassily are available at much lower prices than the genuine article shown at the first link.

If you have not treated your back walls, then a high back is likely to sound better.  

Definitely a point to consider.  In my case, though, this is probably not an issue as the central third of the rear wall is open to another room, as well as being about seven feet from the listening position.

-- Al

When it’s safer to shop, I’ll look for something adjustable.

Oh Brother!

It's safe to shop. It's always been safe to shop.

Use the common sense the good lord gave you and go out and buy a chair. You don't have to sit in someone's lap to shop for a chair.....lol....


Thank you for the head's up on that sofa. It comes in low back. Unfortunately not in fabric, but for where I am thinking, in low back, I am not as concerned and in comes in a love seat (2 seater) in 65 colors.
Ekorness Stressless has been in my sweet spot for the past 9 years.  There are times that a little extra lumber support might be an improvement but mostly it is occupied for hours with excellent comfort.
Ekornes Stressless with ottoman in top grain leather is hard to beat. There's about a million knock-offs of this classic design, with quality and styling details all over the map. But for comfort they are really hard to beat.

There's another chair once sold at Dania (I think) that was similar seating position and comfort (although fixed back angle) and it was smaller, lighter, and quite a bit more affordable. The shape had the arm rest coming forward curving down then curving back at the bottom, a sideways U shape that allowed it to have a very slight spring like rocking motion as you sit down in it. The back was the perfect height to just support your head if you wanted to lean back, without completely blocking the ears from behind- the one drawback to the Ekornes. This chair, whatever it was, is the one piece of furniture I truly regret ever selling! 

Funny thing is, this same thread topic came up about a year ago and someone else mentioned this same chair! No idea if it still being made any more.
No IKEA Poang chair for me, thanks. That open cell foam stuff kills the sound.
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You still haven’t answered the question. Should I draw you a picture? 
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Stickley leather recliner, made right here....

And a Crate and Barrel leather recliner of unknown provenance 
If those thoughts turn you on. (you reported two of my texts today, deleted)  it's all in fun, big boi. 😊
I agree with you 👍 Although, you must'nt find some of mine quite so funny, as three of mine (in response) were deleted today, which conformed with moderator rules. 😉
I rarely sit when listening to music (making dinner doing other stuff on the patio).

However, having a way compromised back (3 shattered load bearing vertebrae plus 3 fractured middle back's and numerous collapsed/gone-history disks) I've ended up using a simple Director's Chair for our computer setup.

The computer rig is the only place I sit for an hour+, or so.

As I need to reposition myself constantly this is the best solution I've found to date, and the chairs come in various seat height versions.

When I really want to just listen to music without distractions I lay on the sofa with my legs elevated (the main system speakers are positioned for this).

This said, per recent measurements, I'm 5'11" and 160 pounds (lost 2" and 20 pounds in the past 25 years) so take this into consideration as such a chair may not be suitable for heavier weights.

Having spent 12+ years in the high end interior design industry (previous life;-) I'm well accustomed with chairs and their comfort levels/builds.

Anyway, my suggestion is a decent Director's Chair if your weight  comfortably allows such (and if you are extra thin/bony add a pillow to the seat for added padding comfort).


Check out the IMG Comfort line out of Norway at your local Scandinavian furniture shop when things permit.
https://imgcomfort.com/us/collection/They have motorized & mechanical recliners plus the two piece chair & ottoman style and couches, etc. Fantastic leather choices, extremely comfortable and ergonomic--fall asleep in one all the time.  I met them years ago at the CES after buying one recliner retail locally, then bought another. Highly recommended.
Is this the chair you were thinking of,,,,https://relaxtheback.com/collections/zero-gravity-chairs/products/novus-zero-gravity-recliner?varian...I came across it when going though the search of old threads on this site thoughtfully provided by Steakster. It looks pretty appealing.
Almost forgot, if price is not a major factor, also look into Gamut Audio's Lobster Chair http://www.gamutaudio.com/the-gamut-hi-fi-lobster-chair/  Believe it's been reviewed in Positive Feedback and Part-Time Audiophile.
Ekornes.  Been using them for 20 years - recently bought two more. Also use IMG in the HT. 
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Classic Eames lounge chair plus ottoman. Awesome chair. Never an effort to get out of to turn over vinyl.
More for Less had a lovely Faux Leather reclined for $300
that seems to work well.
Which reminds me, you will get better sound by placing cones under furniture in the room. I’m not hot doggin ya. 🌭
The ideal chair would be a dental chair which provided height and tilt adjustments as well as a thin non interfering profile, unlike most recliners. Scan Design had a really nice one, but it was out of m budget, which is why I settled on a office chair
Some of you just can't help yourselves. The OP asked for help, another said he would wait until it was safer to shop (which is good common sense) and people go on the attack. Several of you seem to jump on every thread just to start insulting each other. Why not start a thread for people who think they are clever and want to see who can be the next Don Rickles? Some of us want to learn about equipment and talk about music. Geoffkait: Forget the advice about the conniption, I'm there.
@cal91....when cables, amps, speakers, and the like lose their appeal as an item of discussion, moving on to 'seating' seems a good target. ;)

For those with physical issues, there is a definite comfort issue.  And my sympathy goes out to them.....from one with none.  And good luck seeking respite and comfort....

Me?  2 office style swivel chairs and a chaise lounge, dependent on location....when I'm not afoot.

All of which supports tush just fine...including 'afoot', which keeps it small as a potential target....*L*
Every once in a while people put out nuggets of information that may be of use to others. For example, I never considered the fabric choice on your seating arrangement to have an effect on sound quality. For people with exceptional hearing that might be something to consider. For me, unfortunately, I doubt I would be able to discern any difference thanks to age-related hearing loss and tinnitus. It's annoying, but it doesn't keep me from enjoying my music. @dekay: I'm sorry to hear about your back problems. I'm dealing with cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve that radiates down the arm) which hopefully will go away, but nothing as serious as you describe. Hope it turns out OK.
Check out "The Oslo Collection" by MAC MOTION CHAIRS. They have quite a few models of leather recliners with memory foam (+ ottoman). One of their models resembles a Recaro racing seat. All of my guest(s) make a b-line for that chair, and for good reason! 
@ tt1man - I bought my wife a saddle chair for her dental hygiene work, it's really quite good for her sitting 8 hours a day hunched over patients.
Made in Norway!
@tt1man.....*S*  Elegant chair, that Lobster....but the wing-like sides at the backs' top might be a 'cheat' in some minds...

Reminds me of cupping your hands behind your ears....even held out from ones' skull, the effect is noticable.

Be a nice one to nap out in, tho.....*G*

@rixthetrick...."YeHa!  Git along, lil' molars!" ;)
I have an old puffy leather lazy boy recliner.  But the real issue is not comfort but can a regular recliner or any chair be too high for listening?  Should it be lower?  I noticed just yesterday that when I drop a pen while in my chair and leaned down to pick it up.....bass!!!  Not overwhelming but nice bass.  About a foot from the floor.  Listening to Vandersteen Treo CTs which are about 24 inches from a wall solid brick wall, nine feet tall.