What do you think of a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3

With all the available software and older redbook cd's out would you recommend the Processor 3. Is it worth the money or what DAC would be better. Is an upsampling DAC better. This is for 2 channel stereo. I have a Pioneer AX-10 for a transport it decodes SACD and DVD-a's.
Right on sutts--- I do remember the review---It states the same thing---niether pieces were to hot(for the $$$) by themselves.---But great together. Get you one of them Audiomecca Enkainthus dacs--I own one.
...I should add that we did a shoootout last year at a local dealer and the SF T3/P3 combo beat out a Sim Audio Eclipse (which I used to own) and an ARC CD3 latest version- in fact it beat both handily IMO- **Note- again, this was ONLY when connected through the proprietary I2S interface. In fact, I would have bought the combo, but it was too $$$- I have settled with a Vecteur transport and Audio Logic 24MXL dac connected with Marigo 5.7 Sig dig. cable and have been very pleased...
You may also use ANY transport into the Sonic Frontiers D2D and then use the I2S interface from the D2D to the P-3.
Just as a matter of info, my Yamaha RX Z9 AV receiver with the BB 1792 dac's significantly outperformed my Processor 3 (upgraded tube stage with expensive hi end tubes and hi end resistors/caps). Much better resolution and low end slam in the Yamaha. The Yamaha has ten of these dac's, the Processor 3 two, and the Yamaha also decodes SACD multichannel and DVD hi rez formats with a firewire direct digital input that works with some reasonably priced transports (Pioneer 47Ai). I sold the Processor 3, I just had a hard time believing that a receiver could do better than the Processor 3 until I did several comparison sessions. These are the first BB DAC's that I ever liked the sound of, and they finally bested the ultra analog DACs of the Processor 3.
I would look for a DAC that had these 1792 chips and give it a listen.
If you want the BEST....try the SFD2 mark3 which does 24/96 unlike the P3! Hook up any transport thru the Sonic Frontier D2D upsampler, jitter attenuator prefferably with the I2SEe wire and you will have a magnificent cost effective, flexable set up.