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Can anyone make my Modwright XA777ES play SACD?
Hi Rbirke,I feel your pain. I too have a Modwright modded XA-777. It began having your problem years ago. At first only occasionally, then more often. I've put 2 new lasers in it then sent it to Dan for repair. He is very busy and it took a long t... 
Hales Transcendence 8 Speakers
Incredible speakers, but my 100W tube amp wasn't enough for my large room. Agree with Avguy that they need big SS power. Sensitivity is around 88 dB. Uses the same midrange and tweeter as the T-5 which was reviewed by Stereophile. The T-5 dipped b... 
What do you think of a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3
You may also use ANY transport into the Sonic Frontiers D2D and then use the I2S interface from the D2D to the P-3. 
What Guitarists Remind You Of SRV Or Hendrix?
Andy Timmons is a local Dallas boy. Saw him do "Little Wing" live. Within the song he changed his style from Clapton to SRV to Hendrix. Travels the world giving guitar clinics. 
Polk XRt12 thru a Cary 303/200
Mine works fine using the digital out going into a Benchmark DAC-1. 
Polk XRt12 XM Tuner
Yes I have. It's OK for backround listening, but falls far short of LPs or even CDs. I might purchase a used DAC to see if that helps. I didn't skimp on cables or power conditioning either! 
Which Krell for driving subs?
I must agree with the above posters. I tried both Krell and Bryston before I settled on a QSC M3000. The QSC just sounded better...more slam and more tonally correct. It DID have a fan, but I was able to hide it away in a ventilated cabinet. 
question on using my SPL meter
Use the C weighting and pink noise. I'd also test with at least 85 dB just to drown out any ambient noise. 
Groove Tube EL34LS
Groove tubes are sounding great in both of my amps: a Marshall 50W combo and a Fender Vibrolux Reverb! 
A plea for help from my Hales T-8's
I have a pair of T-5s with a dented tweeter and they sound fine. I'd also agree with Dawgbyte, except I think he meant 
Eric Clapton at Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD
The concert was running long and a storm was approaching, so Jeff Beck only did one song, but it was one of best performances of the day! I don't know why it wasn't included on the DVD. 
any one can help on car cd player
Delco made a tuner/CD/cassette double din combo unit (Bose) in the early '90s. Might fit your Caddy. Ebay? Junkyard? 
I've had Dan modify two CD players and am still enjoying them both. The tube output stage is top notch. 
strange rel subwoofer cable phenomenon
I bought a cheap cable from Best Buy for my Stadium IIIs and replaced my Cardas Hexlink with it. I didn't hear any difference in the sub. Sold the Hexlink and pocketed the difference. On the other hand, I went from Cardas NR to Nirvana X-S between... 
car speakers?
Replaced my van speakers with the Focal Access line. Also bought a Focal 13" sub. The sub comes in a factory box and sits behind my rear seat. This van replaced my old van which had top of the line Alpine speakers and is an improvement. I agree wi...