What do your think of the following...


I suspect it looks better on paper but I could be wrong.

What you you recommend for an entry lvl 7 ch AMP?


Emotiva makes many of the upper end companies boards, they are a solid company with great prices thanks to direct to consumer marketing, I would highly reccomend them as an entry multichannel amp!
With only shipping cost at risk, trying one of their units seems okay. Parts Express has carried some of their units, but not now. Could mean high returns lead them to drop the line, or it could have been lack of margin.
Get it. My buddy had the LPA-1, sold it and upgraded to an HDMI receiver (Yamaha) and is now kicking himself for selling the Emotiva amp. The Emotiva has a nice kick to it that most receivers won't have. For the money it's a no brainer.

Thank you all.

Any other comments +ve or -ve?

I don't know them from a hole in the wall but a very close friend of mine asked me about their product because he loves my system, but that is another can of worms ;-)

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The Emotiva products are a solid buy and the company provides exceptional after-sale support.

What do you mean by +ve and -ve?


Hi RW,

I was just wondering if the product lived up to its marketing. Price per performance seems outstanding and these days there is so much information sharing regarding products that it keeps vendors in line and it is sometimes easier to believe you get what you pay for. Where as in the Emotiva case it seems you get a little more.

Just asking if that is true. :-)

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