What Gives? NuForce Reference 8 100wpc Mono's

These amps look like an intriguing offering, I checked out their website and apparently they are for real.

Has anyone heard this new switching amp technology? Top quality parts and inovative design, to be sure. Said to compare favorably with all the other Class D and Class T amps, Bel Canto, PS, Rowland, Tripath, H2O, Spectron, Tact, ICEpower etc.

I read several rave reviews with users (who usually like what they buy [I know I do], so these must be taken with a grain of salt or two).

$1600 pair, sort of sounds too good to be true.

I am always looking for amps that:
1) Sound great and image well
2) Run cool
3) Don't take up much space
4) Don't break my back
5) Don't break the bank

Could my train finally have come into the station?
Right now I am using a CJ MV-60 with Gallo Ref 3's and am wanting to find out what else these amazing speakers can do with more power behind them, not that I am complaining, I'm not.

TweakGeek has the NuForce available for demo, but I'm way down in the queue. Can anyone help to satisfy my curiosity and let me know a little more about the sonics?

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Thanks Tvad,

I have now spoken with Nuforce users were were using tube amplification prior to their Reference 8 mono's.

I have heard that this new model (Ref 8) has something very special to offer, epecially for the price.

I will be auditioning a pair of the mono's in my system starting next week. Since a 30-day money-back is available, I can't see an easier or more conclusive way for me make an evaluation.

I will be putting it up against an excellent contender,the CJ MV60 (with Gallo Ref 3's), and will post my findings.
Initial impressions are VERY good.

Dynamics superior to my reference tube amplifier.

Smooth, yet extremely fast, extended highs without glare or fatigue. Midrange transparent and palpable with excellent microdynamics. Powerfully extended, yet musical, low bass, mid-bass somewhat full in my system (with the upgraded Votec power cables (a solid performer in the under $150 powercord category, recommended to me by NuForce).

Incredible image focus and ambient recovery.

Huge soundfield and highly specific soundstage, also very powerful sounding for a 100 wpc amp, With the Gallo Ref 3's, plays louder without folding up than my current reference the CJ MV-60 (the CJ is a 60 wpc EL34 amp. Tube watts, that is).

These are some of my initial impressions.
More to come...
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Yes, Tvad,

Actually, I was. Volex it is.

Thank you for posting the Volex source as well. I am sure many will appreciate how, with one click, they also can be transported to the source of the much loved $5 powercords.

Thank you, for your e-ternal vigilance.

listening and learning,
Earthpulse, I'd be very interested in hearing your assessment of the Nuforce's musicality (harmonic nuance, richness, naturalness etc), in comparison to your CJ MV60 amp. Thanks in advance.
Still evaluating, Adamay,

I'll let you know more as I form more lasting impressions.
I just want to mention that you should try Pro-golding(is that a word?) the Volex power cord. I did(with the nuforce ref 8b), and it made a big difference. I didn't do it very well, but I used the 100%.
Not wanting to be too hasty, Adamay, after two more months of critical evaluation of the Nuforce Reference 8's...

I will be selling my reference tube amplifier and all the others in favor of the Nuforce amps. In my system, and for my ears and money, and in extensive A-B tests the Nuforce has proven more satisfying in every way.

Shanling CD-T100
Sonic Euphoria TVC Passive preamp
Gallo Reference 3
VH Pulsar interconnects
Goertz M1-2 Speaker Cables

I also want to say that the folks at Nuforce, Maria, Jason, and Casey (the most audiophile savvy of the three) have been quite helpful to me, letting me know about updates and upgrades of these new amps. As a result I feel confident that Nuforce has it figured out that customer service is at the heart of boutique audio.

Those interested in another opinion on NuForce may wish to read this.

for the music...
I had already jumped in and bought a pair, and am simply floored at how good they are. It's very nice to hear of your final decision -- it is consistent with my own. All the best to you.