What happened to the post about live concert event?

Why it's been removed? Is posting to possible meet-up at the concert not good here and being cut by moderators or am I missing something here??

One more crap like that and there will be the last day and time of Czarivey here

I simply do no business with those who have cognitive deficiency or other mental disorders.

Post removed 


What are you talking about? I am here most days and I have never seen a thread about meeting up at concerts.

The post about Snarky Puppy concert was removed.

@secretguy I tentatively disagree. Learning English might take some time (according to the known statistics), but issue needed to be noted far sooner than that.


yep looks like English teacher's post had been removed due to the poor teaching skills as an evidence.

@secretguy What is your problem?? 

My grandfather ended up in concentration camp during WW2, because his Deutsch wasn't so perfect. Nazis hate those speaking or writing not perfect -- proven many times.