What happens if.........

What happens if you feed an upscaled 1080p signal to a 1080i projector?
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Would it be any "better" than if the signal input was only 1080i though?
Tbutt & Fatpussy - I have a vision in my head of PeeWee Herman saying "Yaaaaa, it's so funny I forgot to laugh!"
.....oh well. Not TOO witty but made me :-)
It's ok to jump on me if I'm wrong---- Seems I read there ain't no 1080p sources but plenty of displays with 1080p inputs.
Hey George,
There are some 1080p sources, such as the UPscaled one I mentioned in my question. I think the Samsung BlueRay DVD player is also 1080O. I DO understand though that some of the HDTV's advertised as 1080P, WON't play a true 1080P signal.