What happens when?

I have a CDP that sounds better running Bal and Amps that are S/E. My Pre is a Aesthetix Calypso which I'm told also sounds better Bal. What happens when I run CDP to Pre Bal then Pre to Amp S/E? Am i better off staying all S/E?
Try it to determine if you hear a difference. That's more valuable than someone's opinion. Good luck.
I have the same deal -- Raysonic CDP with XLR outs and Aesthetix Calypso feeding S/E-only monoblocks. I use the balanced connections (Raysonic/Calypso) and think it sounds better, but direct A/B comparisons are difcult because of the much higher output via the balanced connections. As Narrod notes, try it both ways and see. Dave
I've had mixed line systems too. SE sources feeding a balanced power train. No prob with (if needed, good adapters). I've also run the balanced amp as SE with adapters.... again... no prob.

For me, the XLR path is quieter. the added 3-6 db gain was inconsequential. The quieter, darker backdrop made more a diff.

Was it enough to keep me in the XLR camp? Nope. I'm all SE now. It's all on you, how you wish to proceedd. Electrically, it ain't gonna hurt mixing inputs. Sonically, if the proper cabling is used, I don't think the diffs will be great enough that I'd be making wholesale changes either.

Good luck.
Thanks guys!!! I'm really wondering what happens inside the Calypso, what happens when you come in Bal and go out S/E is it in any way stressing the Calypso? Is it just a sound and/or a db issue and not a problem?
In fact...a component is designed either balanced or single ended. If the other system is available in the unit, it is very usually a compromise. What I'm saying is that components can sound better either way. I am using Ayre components which sound WAY better running balanced than single ended. Find out which your component sounds the best and go with it.
Dave my local Aesthetix dealer strongly recommends using the Calypso Bal he believes it is much better sound quality. In my case Quicksilver V-4's with Bal imputs are special order so I may have to wait awhile for a used pair to come up for sale!!! This will be a Karma Check!!!!
Replaced V-4's with ARC VS 115 (Bal & S/E), which is currently breaking in aprox.2 wks before I can A-B S/E and Bal. 2 pairs of Bal I/C's for comparison to S/E are on order. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.